Wyoming Backcountry Film Features Off-Road Motorcycle Routes

Wyoming Backcountry Off-Road Motorcycle Routes

Calling all motorists and motorcycle enthusiasts: Did you get a chance to watch the Wyoming backcountry documentary on motorcycle trails by the wonderful people at Backcountry Discovery Routes (BDR)?

If you haven’t seen it yet, head over to the RideBDR YouTube channel, where you can watch the full feature film available online. 

The epic 950-mile video tour will take you through some of Wyoming’s most remote and little-known areas. Prepare to be amazed by the nearly 90 minutes of footage of jaw-dropping scenery and hairpin turns as a group of riders put their skills and endurance to the test.

Warning! Viewer discretion advised. By the time you get to the end credits, you’ll want to brave the tour yourself!

Wyoming Documentary by Sterling Noren

Wyoming Backcountry Discovery Route (WYBDR) is a documentary directed by Sterling Noren and produced by BDR, an adventure motorcycling nonprofit, in collaboration with the Wyoming Office of Outdoor Recreation and BMW Motorrad USA.

Since 2010, BDR has developed 11 interstate trails for dual-sport and adventure motorcycle travel. The latest and most remote of them all is the Wyoming Backcountry Discovery Route. This should come as no surprise if you know Wyoming well; the state is the least populated in the U.S., so it’s home to some of America’s wildest territory.

In the film, the BDR team will take you on a wild journey across five mountain ranges reaching up to 11,000 feet in elevation, two major rim escarpments, high-desert terrain, winding forest roads, and vast rocky landscapes — all the while navigating public dirt roads and primitive double-track.

The nearly 1,000-mile stretch spans the whole state, from Montana in the north all the way down south to Colorado. Almost all legs of the trail require technical riding, so keep that in mind if you decide to try it yourself.

The Documentary Team

The documentary features the BDR crew and special guests Jocelin Snow, former BMW International GS Trophy competitor and AMA racer, and Wendy Naessens of the BMW US Rider Academy.

Together, they take the first-ever journey on the WYBDR, testing their riding skills and exploring little-known but stunning corners of the Wyoming backcountry. The team isn’t always alone on their journey — they have several encounters with some of the wild creatures who live in the area.

The Perks

Not only is the documentary available to watch for free on YouTube, but it also comes with a number of perks and additional resources, including:

  • Travel resources
  • Free GPS tracks
  • A digital map
  • A printed waterproof map
  • Professional photographs

To learn more, visit RideBDR.com/WYBDR.

The Community

One of the best things about the Wyoming backcountry documentary on motorcycle trails is that it doesn’t show you the usual tourist hot spots. The BDR team traverses many less-traveled areas and historic mining towns.

BDR’s partners at the Wyoming Office of Outdoor Recreation hope that this will attract nature lovers and motorcycle enthusiasts to local rural settlements and make a positive economic impact on these communities.

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BDR’s Wyoming backcountry documentary on motorcycle trails may send you packing your off-road gear and setting out on a wild adventure yourself. 

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