Young Women Are Owning Motorcycles More than Ever

Women Motorcycle Riders

The stereotypical biker image is a tough, burly guy with tattoos and a beard. In reality, the riding lifestyle appeals to a much wider demographic, including women. Women motorcycle riders currently make up about one-fifth of all bikers, nearly double from a decade ago.

Female Riders: A Rising Trend

Just a few years ago, a female motorcycle rider was a rare sight. In 2009, only 10 percent of all motorcyclists were women. This number climbed to 12 percent in 2012, 14 percent in 2014, and currently stands at 20 percent or one-fifth of riders nationally.

The trend is obvious: more and more women own and ride motorbikes of all types, including cruisers, choppers, scooters, and off-road bikes.

On average, the woman rider is younger than the male biker. While the median age for bikers is close to 50, the average woman who rides is under 40. Additionally, 22 percent of Gen X bikers are female; among Millennials, the percentage of women riders is a whopping 26 percent. Move over, gentlemen. 

Statistically, women motorcycle riders are more safety-conscious than male counterparts. While only 42 percent of male riders have taken motorbike safety courses, among female bikers, this number approaches 60 percent. 

Famous Female Motorcycle Racers Champion the Riding Lifestyle

Motorcycle racing has traditionally been a male-dominated sport, but famous female racers are changing the landscape.

A revolution that started with the legendary Beryl Swain has turned into a sweeping movement of racers like Maria Costello MBE, Laia Sanz, Elena Myers, Shelina Moreda, and Valerie Thompson, a.k.a “Queen of Speed,” the first woman ever to reach a speed of over 300 mph. According to Thompson, the challenge was what attracted her to a racing career.

For many women, the same elements come into play when they learn to ride: facing a challenge and defying voices who tell them they “can’t do it.”

Bike Manufacturers Newly Cater to the Female Demographic

Motorcycle manufacturers are gradually becoming more aware that women now take up a larger share of the riding crowd. Moreover, women motorcycle riders are bigger spenders compared to male bikers. Market surveys show that female bikers spend more per year on maintenance, repairs, accessories, and motorcycle equipment.  

Many female motorcyclists feel more confident riding low-to-the-ground, lighter models suited to the average woman’s height and weight. When choosing a motorcycle, women tend to prioritize comfort, aesthetics, reliability, and cost-efficiency. A wise manufacturer will keep these considerations in mind when designing motorbike models that target both genders.

The Added Value of Female Riding

When you consider that Millennials and Gen Z value flexibility and convenience, it’s easy to see why more and more people from these demographic groups, including women, would choose motorcycles as a preferred means of transportation.

However, riding a motorcycle gives women a lot more than a handy way of getting around. Women motorcycle riders enjoy:

  • The adrenaline rush of a thrilling ride
  • The sense of accomplishment that comes with controlling a motorcycle on a challenging route
  • The satisfaction of trying something new and breaking conventions
  • A sense of belonging to the female biker community

Female riders have an array of women-only motorcycle clubs across the U.S., like Leather & Lace MC, the Furies, and the Sisters Eternal WMC. Women who ride gather for events like Babes Ride Out and Babes in the Dirt, annual rallies that give female bikers the chance to connect with other women who love motorcycles.

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