Your Ultimate Motorcycle Road Trip Playlist

For long rides, the quality of a road trip playlist can be the difference between boredom and enthusiasm. A bad one will distract you from taking in the sites and enjoying the open road, and can even distract you from riding your best. Conversely, an awesome vibe in your headphones can keep the ride going as a free-flowing experience and will provide vivid memories for years. Exposing yourself to new music and rediscovering old classics can be a great way to build out your travel playlist. Even if you are set in one genre, or know that you actively will avoid others, we encourage you to see what your tastes look like when curated by our specialists.  With that in mind, we’ve compiled a comprehensive group of motorcycle road trip playlists for you to download, interact with, and enjoy!

Top Road Trip Playlists to Listen to on Your Ride

Qualifying the categories and songs for a list can be an intense and exhaustive process. While we are fans of all music, we understand having a focused playlist at times. We took the liberty of sorting out our most commonly tuned into genres from the master playlist:

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For Rock Lovers

The most diverse category on our ultimate playlist, you’ll find artists like the Beach Boys, AC/DC, Queen, and Zeppelin peppered throughout this classic set. Nothing is quite like enjoying classic Americana in the form of music and motorcycles while taking in the grandeur of the landscape all around you. 

We recommend rocking out to these as a desert road trip playlist. We promise you’ll be nodding your head and replaying the hits while you enjoy a cold one later.

Classic Road Trip Songs

These classics are more of a mixed bag, but you know the hits we’re talking about. Dirt Road Anthem, Californication, anything by Motley Crue (ok, maybe we’re a bit biased here). Either way, you’re bound to see some of your favorites that you can pick out and get you in the zone for the true treks.

Pro tip: Rate your favorite overall road trip song on the playlist so we can see who really jams out to what.

Pop Songs

Ride like no one is watching, right? Ok, well maybe not, as we’re all about safety and keeping eyes on the road, but there’s nothing wrong with getting some top 40 going as you’re cruising. We even put together the playlist for you, so if you stumble across your guilty pleasures like Despacito or One Republic, you can ‘blame’ us.

road trip playlist

That’s the great thing about listening to music while on a motorcycle road trip, though- you’re in control of everything, including the jukebox. Also, if you want travel pop songs, we’re not here to judge, we’re here to give you the best playlist possible.

Country Roads

The classic song and the genre as a whole are intrinsically tied to American road music. If you were going to compile a ‘100 best motorcycle riding songs’ list, we would put our money on country songs occupying a great deal of those slots.

Whether you’re into old-school country like Johnny Cash or Merle Haggard, or perhaps the new hybrid country like Florida Georgia Line, the playlist abides. There’s something stoic and hopeful all at the same time about listening to a country ballad while crossing a land you know inspired it.

Rap and More

Sometimes you just want the music to bump while you get into the long stretches of highway. You can find your 80’s and 90’s rap like Ice Cube, Outkast, or Biggie, or newer stuff like Lil’ Wayne, Eminem, or Lil’ Nas X for the crossover.

Additionally, the playlist contains a decent amount of other alternative genres such as: 

  • Electronica for a modern ride with the soundtrack to match.
  • Reggae if you’re feeling the vibe of a relaxed road tripe
  • Instrumentals and hymnals for when riding is a spiritual experience

There really is something for everyone. It’s hard to create a playlist with over 1000 songs without getting a little outside of your comfort zone, and that’s the point right?

road trip playlist

This is another great chance to add something unique to the group list — maybe there’s a local band you saw while on a road trip that everyone needs to know about; show them off by contributing!

Rock and Ride On With Law Tigers

We’ve done our part to put together a vast playlist that should suit most of your music needs. This is because Law Tigers cares about riders like they’re family. After all, we ride ourselves, which is how we came to specialize in accident and injury representation.

In this case, though, it’s all about giving back to create a positive atmosphere during the ride. We want to know what your taste is like, so contribute to the playlist so we can all share. From there, it’s open roads and good tunes. 

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