12 Strange Motorcycle Laws You Might Not Know About

Strange Motorcycle Laws

As a motorcycle rider, sticking to traffic laws is crucial to your safety on your bike. But some motorcycle laws aren’t exactly common sense — in fact, they’re more than a little bit strange.

You’ll want to be aware of these 12 strange motorcycle laws for safety and entertainment.

1. The Only Game You Can Hunt From Your Motorcycle is Whale (Tennessee)

In Tennessee, hunting any game from a moving vehicle, including a motorcycle or automobile, is prohibited. Except for whales; those are fair game. 

2. You Cannot Ride a Motorcycle in Costume (Virginia)

Have you ever seen bikers dressed up in Santa costumes around the holidays? In Virginia, this tradition is against the law. You’re prohibited from hiding your identity in public places in the state, including while riding your motorcycle. 

3. No Honking Near a Restaurant After 9 PM (Arkansas)

Honking can sometimes be disruptive to public peace, but it’s often necessary to alert other drivers. Still, Arkansas lawmakers don’t want you to disturb late-night restaurant-goers with loud honking. Honking your horn after 9pm near anywhere that sells cold drinks or sandwiches is against the law. 

4. No Riding the Wrong Way on a One-Way Street Without a Lantern (Alabama)

Only traveling in the correct direction on a one-way street is a no-brainer, but Alabama law makes one exception for motorcycle riders. As long as you have a lantern attached to your bike, you can travel any which way on a one-way road. 

5. Running Out of Gas Is a Punishable Offense (Youngstown, OH)

Don’t even think about running out of gas in Youngstown, OH. You’ll not only be stranded; you’ll also face a ticket. 

6. No Cursing While Riding (Rockville, Maryland)

Irritating motorists and road rage may lead you to let some unpleasant language slip while riding, but you’ll need to keep a handle on your tongue in Rockville, Maryland. Swearing from any vehicle is a misdemeanor. 

7. No Wheelies or Stunts (Maine)

As fun as it may look to attempt a wheelie on your bike, you’ll need to reign in the stunts while traveling through Maine. Title 29-A 2062 in the state prohibits anyone from intentionally raising the front wheel of a motorcycle.

8. You Must Have Clean Tires While Riding (Minnetonka, MN)

Do you have dirty tires? Make sure to spray them off before riding through Minnetonka. Dirty tires are a “nuisance” that impacts safety and general welfare, according to the city’s motorist laws. It seems like it might be almost impossible to obey this law when the snow is melting. 

9. Motorcycles Can Ride Through Red Lights (Several States)

Did you know that riding your bike through a red light may be legal under some circumstances? Many states have implemented “Safe on Red” laws due to a motorcycle’s inability to trigger traffic light sensors. If the red light hasn’t sensed your presence, you can treat the light as a stop sign and proceed with caution.

10. No Reading Comic Books or Graphic Novels While Riding (Oklahoma)

You’ll want to keep your comic books and graphic novels stored safely in your motorcycle’s storage compartment. Reading comic books while riding is against the law in Oklahoma and is regulated by distracted driving laws.

11. No Riding While Blindfolded (Alabama)

While it may be common sense, Alabama lawmakers specify that riding a motorcycle while blindfolded is strictly prohibited. 

These strange motorcycle laws may seem comical, but generally, laws are in place for your safety. At Law Tigers, we strongly encourage you to be aware of all motorcycle laws in your state. If you ever become an accident victim, reach out at 1-888-863-7216 for assistance.

12. No Tire Screeching (Kansas)

Don’t even think about performing a burnout in Kansas. Screeching your tires while driving comes with a $500 fine and up to 30 days in jail. Breaking this statewide law is a misdemeanor, so leaving rubber on the road while punching it off the line.