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E.  The Biker Benefit Card described herein may not be available to the card holder or someone on his behalf in certain states if prohibited by law.  The benefits are only available to a card holder who calls the toll-free number indicated on the card and offers appropriate identification along with the card number indicated on the face of the card.


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A.  Any communication between this website provider, affiliates and the user hereof, regarding the evaluation of the user’s personal injury claim or claim of another, is considered attorney-privileged and confidential.

B.  Any general email correspondence between this web site provider and its affiliates with regard to either an inquiry of card holder’s information or medical data of a card holder is confidential.

C.  The emergency medical information databank maintained by this web site provider may only be utilized for the purpose for which it is intended, which is the availability of medical information to emergency personnel inquiring about the medical history of a disabled or unconscious card holder.  Under no circumstances shall any information about a card holder registering medical data or information be sold or disseminated to third persons or entities for any purpose whatsoever.

D.  Although the Association has taken necessary measures to protect both the privacy of the visitors to this web site, and the information submitted by its card holder, we are not responsible for any information obtained by unauthorized intrusion to this web site or our databank.