5 mother’s day gifts for your motorcycle enthusiast mom

by Rachel Fagerburg

Mother’s Day is approaching quickly, and if your mom is a motorcycle enthusiast, we’re here to help! Although she probably deserves a new Harley-Davidson Cruiser, that may not be in your budget. Fear not! Keep reading for stylish and practical gift ideas for your biker mom.

wojo wallet law tigers

Top gifts for Mother’s that enjoy riding

The Wojo Wallet

This compact wallet can hold a rider’s basic necessities – cards, cash, and keys – securely with its no-slip silicone and neoprene band. The Wojo Wallet is perfect for motorcyclists because it is heat-resistant, lightweight, and small enough to fit into a pocket, unlike most bulky wallets. Plus, your mom can put a picture of you in there so she can think of you whenever she’s on the road! Get it for mom.

Icon Anthem Stealth Women’s Gloves

These gloves are for the woman with grit and a grip. The Icon Anthem Stealth Women’s Gloves provide comfort and protection for hands that are constantly wrapped around a handle, as well as convenient touchscreen features on the index and thumb. If your mom isn’t into pink and gemstones, this solid black pair is just her style. Take a look.

motorcycle rider road essentials kit law tigers

Motorcycle Rider Essentials Kit

The Twisted Throttle Motorcycle Rider Essentials Kit is the pot of gold for any motorcycle rider! The kit includes everything a biker would need: all-in-one lens cleaner, NoNoise motorsport noise filter hearing protection, SW-MOTECH biker scarf, Dynaplug ultralight tubeless tire repair kit, BestRest EZ air gauge, Oxford under-seat tool kit, ROK straps pack adjustable stretch strap twin pack, SW-MOTECH luggage security cable with a combination lock, and Twisted Throttle side-stand coasters. Although this kit is the pricier gift of the bunch, the contents packed into it can provide your mom’s riding life with more safety, comfort and convenience. If she’s a real motorcycle mama, she’ll love it!

sweat cosmetics makeup law tigers

Sweat-Proof Makeup

Sweat buildup inside the helmet can smudge and rub off makeup, so if your mom likes to keep a fresh face on rides, she’ll love having sweat-proof makeup products. Some of these products include mascara, concealer, foundation, powder, eyeliner, and blush, all of which you can find in any beauty and cosmetics store or online. Check out Sweat Cosmetics, a sweat-proof makeup line, for a more narrowed search. This is a practical gift for a practical mom.


rider benefit card law tigers

Law Tigers Free Rider Benefit Card

Lastly, if you want to show your mom how much you love her this Mother’s Day but don’t have any money to spend, you can’t go wrong with our FREE Law Tigers Rider Benefit Card! This card offers toll-free 24-hour accident hotline, $10,000 hit-and-run reward, free legal advice from Law Tigers motorcycle lawyers for all motorcycle matters, $10,000 bike theft recovery, free representation for motorcycle damage claims, and no recovery, no fee motorcycle accident representation. Order the card here using your mom’s information and she’ll receive her Law Tigers Rider Benefit Card in the mail.

Bonus: Get her a FREE Motorcycle Document Holder while you’re at it here.

We hope this list has provided useful inspiration and resources for gifts to give your motorcycle enthusiast mom this Mother’s Day. We appreciate the mothers in the motorcycle community – Happy Mother’s Day and safe riding!