7 Best Biker Bars and Restaurants in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is well-known for taking care of its motorcycle riders. There’s plenty of open road and sights to see, as well as biker bars for some needed refueling along your journey. We know how important a good biker bar is, so we’ve decided to do some of the heavy lifting for you and compile a list of some of the best bars you’ll be sorry to miss.

Here’s our seven favorites we hope you’ll consider visiting.

The Top Seven Biker Bars in Oklahoma

While it was difficult to come up with the seven top motorcycle restaurants to recommend in Oklahoma, we think this list has something for everybody. They aren’t in any particular order, and we’d be glad to hear your favorite local spot if it didn’t make the cut!

1.   Pops 66: Pops is not your typical biker bar – their thing is high-end sodas. Don’t let that fool you, though – this is a historic stop on Route 66 in Arcadia, and is a great place to kick your feet up if you’re not interested in a harder beverage. With dozens of unique flavors and a great gas-station/rest stop vibe, we highly recommend checking out Pops 66 on your motorcycle ride in Oklahoma.

2.   Chicken Shack: The Chicken Shack in Luther, Oklahoma is another motorcycle restaurant mainstay. With scrumptious chicken, shrimp, and other down-south delicacies, it is a destination to make a trip out of itself. Add in some delicious ice-cold beverages, a motorcycle-friendly atmosphere, and it all makes for being one of the best biker restaurants in Oklahoma.

3.   Seaba Station Museum: Not only is Seaba Station a historical ride with a museum and gas station, but they also serve some mighty fine breakfast! More of a restaurant than your typical biker bar, it’s still a prominent part of the Oklahoma motorcycle culture, so keep it on your list of places to visit when you’re riding in the Sooner State.

4.   Blue Whale in Catoosa: The Blue Whale in Catoosa is as unique of a spot you’ll ever find along Route 66. Although not a diner in itself, you’re likely to catch some of the state’s best food trucks, as well as rest those bones at Molly’s by the water – a great spot for a picnic.

5.   Edmond Railyard: One of the most unique spots to grab a bite while on a motorcycle ride in Oklahoma is the Edmond Railyard, which is part food court, part bar. With specialty places that serve pizza, wings, craft beer, cocktails, cigar bars, and a ton of other great vendors, this is definitely a destination to end your ride. We can’t say enough about the roads leading to this biker haven, as well as that good ol’ rider vibe you’ll get while you dine and drink here.

6.   K Saloon: The K Saloon is your classic Oklahoman biker bar. A little bit of a dive, combined with a beer garden and great pub food, you’ll always find the parking lot full of Harleys and other slick choppers of your fellow riders. Once you’re inside, the décor and service matches what you see in the parking lot. And you bet they know how to treat road-weary visitors with delicious food and ice cold drinks. Don’t miss out on one of the top motorcycle restaurants in Oklahoma City if you’re passing through.

7.   Roadhouse Bar and Grill: Another biker bar in Oklahoma that is a haven for locals and tourists alike, the Roadhouse Bar and Grill in OKC just feels like home for any rider. With great beer, bar food, an amazing outdoor space and phenomenal service, there’s plenty to keep you entertained. The beer is cold, the music is good, and we never want to leave. Don’t just take our word for it, though – you’re going to have to try it for yourself on your next motorcycle ride in Oklahoma City.

There are dozens of hospitable motorcycle restaurants and bars in Oklahoma. Picking seven of our favorites was a tough task, and we’re always looking for great suggestions.

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