Buckskin Motocross Track Day Use in Utah

Buckskin Motocross Track

About three and half hours east of Salt Lake City is the Buckskin Hills Recreation Complex. The complex offers camping, mountain biking, skiing and tubing, ATV, a shooting range, motocross, and more. Open from March through October, check out the Buckskin Motocross Track day use in Utah the next time you’re riding through.


You must sign the waiver, pay for your day use pass, and abide by the rules:

  • Following the track on a counterclockwise circuit
  • Wearing a helmet
  • Not riding off-track on the sides of berms or jumps
  • Being respectful of the track area and the rest of the recreation complex
  • Not damaging the parking lot
  • Disposing of all trash in the appropriate containers
  • Not using the parking lots or improved trails for freestyle riding (punishable by law)

When you’re ready to enjoy a day of motocross adventure, call or text Derrick at 970-768-3420 to verify the track is open and accessible. The weather may close the track some days, and the facility administrators want to be sure you can have an incredible experience riding before you make the trip to visit for the Buckskin Motocross Track day use in Utah.


You must sign the park waiver before being able to ride the track. The park offers two ticket pricing options depending on whether you want the track prepped or unprepped. The prepped track price is $25, while the unprepped price is just $10 for a day of riding.

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