Eight Restaurants & Biker Bars in Dallas to Grab a Bite

The open road offers you plenty of adventure, adrenaline, and exciting sights to see which’ll make a seasoned rider out of anyone. But all that travel and technical motorcycle riding also works up an appetite, so why not enjoy some of that local Dallas grub? 

So you get the most of Texas motorcycle culture, we’ve chosen 8 of the best biker bars in Dallas for you to try while you’re out on your rides.  Let our little menu of bars and restaurants inspire your next stop on the road.

8 Great Biker Bars and Restaurants in Dallas

While there are hundreds of great motorcycle restaurants and bars in Dallas, we chose 8 of the best. They’re not in any particular order, but they’re all top-notch spots to quench your thirst and grab some food to fuel up before you hit that open road:

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1)  Loco Coyote Grill

Loco Coyote Grill is a fantastic end-of-ride countryside hub for motorcycle riders in Dallas. This family friendly biker bar isn’t afraid to get a little spicy with its BBQ, drinks, and menu choices. Just 75 miles from DFW, it makes for a great stop on a day trip or a cross-state tour, and even deserves its own trip. Whatever brings you here, you’re sure to leave satisfied. 

2)  Hard 8 BBQ

A Texas BBQ mecca, Hard 8 has locations throughout the state, including one in Stephenville which is one of our favorite stops to refuel. Any dish from their BBQ pit comes out with the perfect char, has flavor itself worth riding for, and is paired perfectly with their selection of cold beverages. This is definitely a ‘treat yourself’ sort of biker bar, and those first bites of some Hard 8 barbecue will be reward enough after a whole day of riding.

3)  Strokers Dallas Ice House

You’d be hard pressed to find a better example of Texas culture than Strokers Ice House. With custom bikes, delicious food, and the ‘coldest beer in town’, this is a hub for riders of all types. Consistently earning high praise (they earned “Best Bike Hang Out” from Ride Texas Magazine), this isn’t exactly a hidden gem, but it’s certainly a stop you won’t want to miss if you’re passing through.


4)  H3 Ranch  

Nothing makes a long ride greater than having some variety along the way. H3 Ranch in Fort Worth is one place that’ll add some spice to your trip, whether you’re popping in for a quick solo meal to enjoy some delicious cuts of meat, or you’re dining with your posse after a long day’s ride. H3 Ranch is a great stop no matter how big your crew is!

5)  The Woodshed Smokehouse

This Dallas-Fort Worth icon is all about living that open road lifestyle you love. For motorcycle restaurant enthusiasts in Dallas, riding down to the Woodshed is a staple of the biker life. Grab some grub, a cold beverage, and listen to local music with others who live for riding that open road. With a full menu ranging from breakfast to dinner, great local and imported taps, as well as a culture which welcomes local motorcycle riders with open arms, it’s hard not to honor The Woodshed as one of the top biker restaurants in all of Dallas.

6)  Derby Restaurant at The Shop

The Shop is a shopping complex designed to provide not only the best motorcycle services and gear for riders of any experience, but also treat you with the finest place to rest on the road. You can store your motorcycle, get it detailed and worked on, and take classes. At the same time, you can play cards in a private room, smoke cigars in their lounge, and then head over to Derby for some award-winning food. This truly is a place you’d have to visit more than once to fully enjoy… and we recommend doing just that!


7)  Desert Racer

This classic-automobile themed restaurant has long stolen the hearts of Dallas riders with their patio dining and updated menus while still serving the same great food and drink that draws locals and tourists in droves; you’re sure to settle in for a meal you won’t forget. The iconic art and themed sections will keep you entertained whether you’re popping in for a refreshing beverage or sitting down for a full refuel with their eclectic American and Mexican food options.

8)  Lucy’s on the Square

Classic comfort food isn’t only served at grandma’s house – and Lucy’s on the Square tries to provide that casual, comfortable, and belly-stuffing experience to prove it. Famous for their generous portions and exquisite pies, we love finishing a difficult ride by stopping in Celina to grab a bite, brew, and a piece of dessert. It may be noted that you’ll likely feel a little heavier after eating here, but we promise your bike’s suspension will still hold up.

With so many great Dallas motorcycle bars and restaurants available, it’s easy to see how you could create a fantastic road trip out of these recommendations alone. We also love hearing from our Law Tigers community – so let us know where your favorite place to grab a bite or beverage is while on the road.

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