Favorite Biker Bites: Best Restaurants in Arkansas

Arkansas is well-known for its food and hospitality, and there’s nothing better than a delicious bite and refreshing beverage after a long motorcycle ride. With many amazing stops to choose from, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when deciding where to ride and dine. That’s why we’ve created a list of the 8 best restaurants in Arkansas to stop by while on a motorcycle ride.

We hope this helps you find adventure both in the saddle and on a diner bench in the near future.

The 8 Best Motorcycle-Friendly Restaurants in Arkansas

While there are hundreds of rest stops for fine eatin’ and drinkin’ on your motorcycle rides in Arkansas, we chose 8 of our favorites. They’re in no particular order, but we’re betting that you’ll have a great time no matter which you visit.

1)  Rockin’ Pig Saloon: The Rockin’ Pig Saloon (with locations in Rogers and in Eureka) is a fixture among Arkansas locals and motorcycle riders passing through. Known for steaks, wings, burgers, and craft beer on tap, the atmosphere is relaxed and family friendly. If you’re looking to put some fuel in your tank and experience the down-south hospitality that Arkansas is famous for, visit the Rockin’ Pig.

2)  Cat House Lounge: The Cat House Lounge in Eureka Springs is the self-proclaimed hottest biker bar in the area – and we’re not going to argue. With an enormous selection of taps, cocktails, and eclectic food, the Cat House makes sure your eating and drinking needs are beyond satisfied. That isn’t all, though – they host a great deal of motorcycle clubs, biker events, and have all sorts of merch and associated biker-related décor. This is a great stop for a solo trip or group ride; it’s all about how you want to take on the Cat House Lounge vibe (and there’s no wrong way)!

3)  SideBar: Sidebar keeps it simple, local, and delicious – and it shows by how much motorcycle traffic this Eureka-based restaurant attracts. Known for their wood fired pizza, cold beverages, and picturesque setting by Table Rock Lake, this is as good a rest stop as you’ll find in the great state of Arkansas. Great for large groups, we recommend planning a day trip around it so you can truly enjoy the splendor of working up an appetite that is satisfied by a pizza and brew as the sun starts to trail down from the peak hours.

4)  Switchback Bar and Grill: Switchback Bar and Grill is located inside of Boyum Bike Resort. If that opening sentence doesn’t convince you of their commitment to being a great host to motorcycle riders, then maybe hearing about their high-quality services and amenities will. They host biker-based events, karaoke, and their food is top-notch. The goal at Switchback is to have it feel like a family-style biker hangout, and they certainly achieve it. Because it is part of Boyum Bike Resort, you can take your bike in to get fixed, have a great home-cooked style meal, and rest for a night all in the same place – certainly a win-win-win!

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5)  2 Wheels on the Pig Trail: Located in Eureka Springs off of Hwy 23, this quintessential biker bar is part of an iconic riding scene. They call themselves “a watering hole for the wandering soul,” and that description fits perfectly. Grab a drink and chat with locals about the different motorcycle roads in Arkansas, and you can also check out live music and motorcycle deals while you do. 2 Wheels on the Pig Trail stands out as a place that will keep its authenticity no matter how the county and tourists grow around it, and we’re grateful for that.

6)  Drasco Trading Post: The Drasco Trading Post is a motorcycle dealership and gear shop, located next to the York Girls Drasco Café. Located in their namesake town of Drasco, it is an all-in-one experience that you don’t want to miss if you’re passing through. You can get your bike, your appetite, and your wardrobe taken care of all in one fell swoop – we always leave the café and trading post with a smile!      

7)  Saddlebags Bar and Grill: This biker-friendly bar in Albert Pike Hot Springs is a haven for hungry and thirsty riders. With pool tables, live music, and a staff who are no strangers to the local riding scene, it’s a great place to learn more about how you can explore Arkansas on two wheels. They have Karaoke Fridays and other great deals, so make sure to check in on their social media pages or give them a call to learn more.

8)  The Ohio Club: A former hangout for gangsters and professional baseball players, full of biker-themed décor and amazing live music? It sells itself, but we’ll also let you know that they have strong drinks, good bar food (though their kitchen is temporarily closed for reconstruction), and are known for being the best birthday spot in town. Located in Hot Springs, they’re the place to be on an evening after a long ride with your crew.

There are many more restaurants and biker bars in Arkansas that we could have listed – but these are eight of the state’s finest. If you have a favorite motorcycle-friendly diner or dive in Arkansas, let us know so we can feature it next!

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