Getting Your Missouri Motorcycle License

Happy female motorcyclist posing after getting her Motorcycle License

Each state has unique laws and requirements surrounding motorcycle licenses. If you’re planning to get a Missouri motorcycle license, understanding the state’s licensing process in advance can help you prepare accordingly. 

Read on to learn everything you need to know about getting your Missouri motorcycle license. 

License Eligibility Requirements

In Missouri, you must be at least 18 to receive a Class M motorcycle endorsement. However, riders can obtain a motorcycle instruction permit once they reach age 15 and a half, then hold this permit until they turn 18. Riders under 16 must complete a Motorcycle Rider Training Course to obtain a permit. 

A motorcycle endorsement is an addition to your driver’s license that allows you to operate a motorcycle on the road. You must provide the following documents to obtain a motorcycle endorsement on your license:

  • A document that proves your legal authorization to be in the U.S. 
  • Documents supporting your Missouri residency
  • Your existing driver’s license
  • Your out-of-state license, if applicable 

You may also need to pass the Class F and Class M vision test. 

If you are taking the exam as an adult, you do not need to have a minimum number of riding hours before the exam. However, you’ll want to ensure that you’ve practiced enough to feel confident navigating on your bike. 

Motorcycle Exams

Riders must pass two exams to obtain motorcycle endorsements: a written test and an on-cycle road test. 

The written test includes questions about basic motorcycle navigation and road safety. You can study for this test by reading the Missouri Motorcycle Operator Manual and taking a practice exam online. 

Then, you must pass an on-cycle skills test demonstrating your ability to safely control and maneuver a motorcycle on the road. This exam tests for skills such as:

  • Braking
  • Accelerating
  • Communicating with other riders
  • Making quick decisions
  • Adjusting speed
  • Following traffic signs

Alternatively, you can pass a motorcycle safety course that waives the on-cycle exam requirement. 

Motorcycle Safety Course

All riders under 16 must complete a state-certified motorcycle safety course as part of the motorcycle permit process. However, adult riders can also benefit from these courses. 

Missouri allows adult riders to pass motorcycle safety courses instead of completing the on-cycle exam at the DMV. Once you complete a certified safety course, you can receive a waiver to give to the DMV in place of taking an on-cycle skills exam. 

You can find motorcycle safety courses throughout Missouri. These courses allow you to learn motorcycle navigation skills in a classroom setting, then take an exam in front of an instructor. You must pass a road skill examination to pass the class and receive a waiver for your on-cycle skills test through the DMV. 

Motorcycle License Fees

You’ll need to pay a few small fees to obtain your Class M motorcycle endorsement. 

Motorcycle permits cost $3.50 and are applicable for six months. 

Once you pass the written and skills tests, you will need to pay to receive your motorcycle endorsement. You can pay $10 for a three-year license or $20 for a six-year one. 

Scooter/Moped Licenses

If you plan to ride a scooter or a moped on the road instead of a motorcycle, you do not need to obtain a separate license in Missouri. Your valid driver’s license permits you to ride a motorized bicycle on the road, and you do not need to register the vehicle with the Missouri Department of Revenue. 

However, you cannot ride a motorized bicycle on a federal interstate highway. 

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