Getting Your Montana Motorcycle License

New motorist showing his motorcycle license

Are you a Montana resident wanting to apply for a motorcycle license? Montana does not issue a separate license, but instead will add the endorsement to your existing driver’s license.

Our legal team at Law Tigers serves as America’s favorite motorcycle lawyers. We want to keep motorcycle drivers safe and healthy on the road as well as encouraging you to find pleasure on your bike. Keep reading as we explain how to get your motorcycle endorsement in Montana.

Requirements for a Montana Motorcycle License Endorsement

Please become familiar with the Montana Motorcycle Manual Supplement (aka the MSF Motorcycle Operator Manual). To qualify for a motorcycle endorsement in the state of Montana, you must:

●        Be 16 years old or older OR be 15 years old and have passed a state-approved driver’s education course

●        Have a valid Montana driver’s license

●        Successfully complete the Montana motorcycle knowledge written test (here is a practice test site)

●        Pass the road test OR pass an approved education course through the Montana Motorcycle Riders Safety (MSF)

●        Maintain the annual endorsement fee of $0.52

In addition, to be able to ride your bike, you will have to register your motorcycle in Montana and obtain appropriate insurance coverage.

Once you have completed the appropriate steps, you will need to maintain your motorcycle endorsement in the state of Montana. This endorsement will allow you to ride anywhere you can drive a car, with additional safety limitations.

If you move to Montana from another state and already have your motorcycle endorsement, you will need to transfer your license within 60 days once you establish residency. Your local MVD location may require additional tests, so brush up on Montana traffic laws and motorcycle safety as if this were your first time taking a driving or motorcycle test.

Written Test

Montana designs its motorcycle tests to be extremely difficult for both the written and road portions. All the content for the written test is in the Montana Motorcycle Manual available from your MVD. The test will cover how to operate a motorcycle, safe driving, and traffic laws.

The written test includes questions that specifically demonstrate skills and situations a motorcyclist might encounter on the road. Because any accident is more dangerous for motorcyclists than other vehicle drivers, Montana strives to ensure that all motorcyclists know safe bike practices to protect themselves from injury or death during a potentially hazardous situation.

Once you pass the written test, you will receive your motorcycle learner’s permit, valid for one year. You’ll be able to ride under licensed supervision to prepare for your road test. 

Note that the MVD has a list of requirements that the bike you test on must meet, which you can check out in the Montana Motorcycle Manual.

Road Test

The DMV Road Test in Montana is notoriously difficult. Instead, you may opt to take a Montana Motorcycle Rider Safety Course, which will waive the road test requirement. You must have your learner’s permit to attend a safety course.

If you prefer to take the road test, you will need to demonstrate braking, swerving, straight-line driving, sharp and curving turning, and signaling to other drivers.

You will need valid insurance and registration for your motorcycle to complete the road test. Your motorcycle will also require:

●        at least one headlight with 500 feet of illumination

●        a stoplight with 100 feet of visibility in full sunlight

●        a reflector and taillight visible from 500 feet

●        a rearview mirror with 200 feet of visibility behind the rider

●        operational directional signals

●        a functional muffler with no modifications to increase the sound of your motorcycle

After passing your road test or an approved safety course, you can pay any additional fees and receive your Montana motorcycle license.

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