Here’s the Scoop on Snow Bikes

A half-dirt bike, half-snowmobile hybrid, snow bike.

What could be better than the agility of a dirt bike combined with the raw power of a snowmobile? If you just thought, “nothing,” then a snow bike is right up your alley.

Here’s the scoop on snow bikes: they’re a half-dirt bike, half-snowmobile hybrid that you can’t purchase from a dealership. Instead, you’ll have to buy a kit and modify your existing dirt bike. The first time it snows, you’ll be carving up the fresh powder and having the time of your life.

What Are Snow Bikes?

For dirt bike enthusiasts, snow usually means the end of the riding season. Not anymore! Now, you can purchase a conversion kit for your dirt bike and modify it into a big, bad, snow-eating machine. Converting a dirt bike to a snow bike involves removing the front wheel and replacing it with a ski, then replacing the rear wheel with a texturized tread similar to those on a tank or bulldozer.

Snow bikes are smaller and cheaper than snowmobiles and much more agile and versatile. You can ride a snow bike to places snowmobilers can only dream of going! Plus, the conversion doesn’t have to be permanent. Once summer comes around again, you can reinstall the wheels and keep on riding.

How to Choose the Right Snow Bike

Unfortunately, turn-key snow bikes are unavailable—you have to go custom. Consider these factors before you buy a conversion kit or purchase a fully converted bike from a private seller:

Engine Power

Many riders want extra power for their motorsport vehicles, snow bikes included. The most common snow bikes are two-stroke machines, with 450 to 550 cc and 45-55 horsepower. The snow bike track in the rear is large, heavy, and will suck a lot of engine power, reducing your maximum speed. Here’s the scoop on snow bikes: purchase a bike with a powerful engine in case you get stuck in fresh powder or plan on climbing steep grades.


Snow bikes are much lighter and more agile than their heavy snowmobile cousins. The average weight for a two-stroke bike with 450 to 550 cc usually falls between 280 and 320 pounds. Four-stroke bikes can weigh upwards of 350 pounds.


Not every dirt bike has a corresponding snow bike conversion kit. Most snow bike kits are universal and come with an extra installation kit that is bike specific. However, most major dirt bike brands (Kawasaki, Yamaha, Honda, etc.) will easily convert. Unfortunately, smaller bikes may not be compatible.

Availability and Price

If you’re on a short budget, you might want to save up cash for a few months before buying a snow bike conversion kit. The best kits are expensive and cost thousands of dollars. However, converting costs less than purchasing a new snowmobile if you already own a bike.

Quality and Reviews

Snow bikes are just as dangerous as dirt bikes and snowmobiles. Use caution when riding and only purchase high-quality kits from reputable manufacturers, like Timbersled, Yeti SnowMX, or MotoTrax. Remember, it’s your life on the line. You want a quality product you can rely on for superior performance.

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So, here’s the scoop on snow bikes: these powerful and versatile dirt bike/snowmobile hybrids are just plain fun to ride. At Law Tigers, we’re avid motorsports enthusiasts, just like you. 

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