How Much is Your Motorcycle Accident Personal Injury Claim Worth?

If you’ve been in a motorcycle accident, you know how scary and confusing it can be. From injury and motorcycle damage, to finding fault, there are plenty of factors that go into your case and affect the outcome of your settlement. This means there is plenty of room for insurance companies to fudge with the details to try and give you less than you deserve for recovery and repairs. You don’t want to lose out on money you should’ve gotten from your case that’ll help you get back to your normal, everyday life.

This is why it’s important to understand the way motorcycle accident personal injury claims are handled. We’ve written this short, straightforward guide to make sure you know what to do in these frustrating situations.It’s an unfortunate reality that comes with the life of riding, but there’s no reason you need to suffer any more than you already are as a victim of an accident.

What to Do if You Get in a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle crashes, injuries, and damages are an unfortunate, but all-too-real threat whenever we get on the bike. Knowing how to react and having the proper resources available to help you can set you up for the best treatment, compensation, and quality of life after an incident.

The first thing you should do after you get in an accident is contact your motorcycle accident attorney.

This also means that in a perfect world, you should have a trusted motorcycle crash lawyer that you already have a relationship with before an accident. This is because your personal injury lawyer will have your best interests in mind and will guide you through the legal process, from beginning to end. They will be able to negotiate for better payouts from insurance, refer you to a greater network of medical resources, and will work hard to rightfully settle your case – even representing you in court if need be.

When it comes down to it, the role of the best motorcycle accident attorney is to be your advocate should anything happen to you while you’re on the road. This also includes making sure your personal injury claim is accurate and you get the money you deserve in a timely fashion.

How Much is My Motorcycle Injury Claim Worth?

After being injured in a motorcycle accident, it is perfectly normal to want to know how much your settlement might be worth. The answer isn’t always straightforward, and each individual case will be different.

The important thing is that your claim amount be maximized by professional lawyers who can explore all the important factors that go into estimating a motorcycle accident claim. These include:

  1. Liability: Liability will ultimately be one of the biggest factors for how a motorcycle injury lawsuit is handled. It will help determine fault, comparative negligence, and the way in which payouts are handled by insurance providers. If fault is disputed in any way, this is where an experienced motorcycle accident attorney is an absolute must.
  2. Damages: Damages also have a major impact on your motorcycle accident compensation. These include medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and punitive damages. In order to get the best settlement, you need to be able to properly show how these damages have occurred and what each is worth.
  3. Settlement Negotiations: It is important to remember that the process of accident resolution and injury claims are dynamic and handled by people and companies who want to save money. Insurance providers have teams who are dedicated to keeping payouts to a minimum, and the other party in an accident will likely have representation. This is where having the top motorcycle accident attorneys by your side can really get you the most money and protect you from easily being underpaid in your settlement.

All these factors make it hard to get the money and medical care you deserve without strong legal support. And since timing is important, making sure your legal team has all the information and a plan as soon as possible will set you up for success and getting the best results out of your particular case.

Settlement vs. Trial Value

When you and your legal team are looking to get the proper value of a motorcycle injury claim, there are two ways of doing so: settlement value and trial value.

A settlement is typically a mutually agreed upon one-time payment that is resolved out of court. This often occurs when the defendant does not legally admit fault but your team believes the settlement is going to be a better route to take than a court trial.

Trial value is often going to be higher at its maximum payout, but comes with the risk of losing the case. Deciding which one to pursue is another difficult decision that you should not be making without proper legal advice.

Much of the basis for pursuing a settlement or trial is dependent on the factors mentioned earlier – liability, total damages, and the anticipated negotiation process. This is why it is important to have experts help you with motorcycle injury settlement amounts and possible legal scenarios: it will allow you to make the best decision for yourself and your family.

Why You Need to Work With a Motorcycle Lawyer   

When you’ve been in a motorcycle accident and are looking to get the best injury claim resolution, you need the best legal representation you can get. 

An experienced motorcycle injury lawyer will:

  • Clarify any confusion – motorcycle accident laws are often complicated.
  • Negotiate with insurance on your behalf to get you the maximum payout possible.
  • Get you proper bike and gear valuations so you don’t have to settle for worse.
  • Refer you to the best local medical professionals to protect you.
  • Represent your case if a trial is necessary.

Above all, a motorcycle accident attorney is going to have your best interests in mind from the beginning. Their job is to get you the best outcome with the least amount of stress, so make sure you’re got a trusted lawyer at your side before the next time you head out on the road.

Ride Safe With Law Tigers on Your Side

At Law Tigers, we have decades of experience in helping many of our clients get the right settlement out of their motorcycle accident personal injury claim. Our team of trusted lawyers are made up of motorcycle riders just like you – so we know how important each step of the process is following an accident or injury.

If you’ve been in an accident or want to protect yourself in future situations, contact us today for a free evaluation. One conversation could make a life-changing difference.