How the Idaho Vintage Motorcycle Club in Boise was Founded

The Idaho Vintage Motorcycle Club in Boise

The Idaho Vintage Motorcycle Club in Boise was founded for motorcycle enthusiasts to get together and ride. Motorcycle enthusiasts make up about 8 percent of the US population, making them a significantly-sized group. Still, 8 percent of the population is a minority, so there’s a camaraderie among riders. There’s even a secret language, including various two-finger salutes, each with a special meaning.

Whether you’re a long-term enthusiast or a recent addition to the lifestyle, one thing that’s important is having an understanding of motorcycle history.

And that’s the goal of the Idaho Vintage Motorcycle Club in Boise. It was founded specifically for motorcycle enthusiasts to come together at various local events throughout the year and to learn from each other and preserve history.

 About the Idaho Vintage Motorcycle Club

The club is run by a president, vice president, coordinator, treasurer, and secretary, along with five board members. It is dedicated to preserving the history of epic rides throughout the decades.

After more than 45 years, the club has grown from just a few enthusiasts to more than 200 members across five different states. The first meetings took place in Boise, where a handful of people got together to show off their bikes. Years later, the club’s annual Caldwell Show and Rally is a major event that even draws news coverage.

To display a bike at the Caldwell show, it has to meet the requirement of being vintage, which means 25 years or older. However, some bikes on display are more than 100 years old!

According to one of the club’s original founders, Richard Renstrom, the club was started out of necessity. “I got tired of having to go to California for vintage bike events and decided we ought to have one in Idaho,” he says.

How to Join the Idaho Vintage Motorcycle Club in Boise

The only requirement to become a member is having an interest in old motorcycles. You don’t even have to own a motorcycle, though you’ll probably want to get one if you don’t have one! All you have to do is fill out a brief application and mail a check for $10 to club headquarters.

Idaho Vintage Motorcycle Club Events

One of the best things about being a motorcycle enthusiast is going to fun events. The IVMC has three main events each year:

  1. Annual Meeting – February
  2. Caldwell Show and Rally – March
  3. Christmas Party – December

The club’s website also produces a detailed flyer with other events in the area, so be sure to check it out.

Idaho Vintage Motorcycle Club Resources

In addition to hosting multiple events throughout the year, the Idaho Vintage Motorcycle Club also has a collection of helpful links on its website that visitors can use to beef up on history and learn about other clubs. The links are submitted by IVMC members, and there are currently 31 links in all.

If you have a link you’d like to share with the Idaho Vintage Motorcycle Club, you can contact any of the club officers via email.

About the Megaphone Newsletter

If you can’t make it to a club event, you’ll get plenty of updates about it in the Megaphone Newsletter, which gets published six times yearly. The newsletter has plenty of pictures of bikes and rally action shots, plus a classified section if you’re looking to buy or sell a bike.

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