How to Get a Motorcycle License in Idaho

Motorcycle License in Idaho

The process to get your motorcycle operator’s license in Idaho requires multiple steps to ensure that you can safely operate your motorcycle under various conditions. To qualify for a Class M Motorcycle License Endorsement, you must meet several criteria and pass a written test plus either a safety course or a road skills test.

Minimum Requirements for an Idaho Motorcycle Endorsement

You must already have a valid Idaho driver’s license to apply for your motorcycle endorsement. In addition, you must:

●      Be at least 15 years old (with additional restrictions for certain age groups)

●      Complete the application with the dmv for your motorcycle endorsement

●      Pay application and testing fees

●      Provide proof of identity and residency

●      Pass a vision test

●      Pass the motorcycle written knowledge test

When you meet all of these requirements, you will receive your motorcycle learner’s permit, which will allow you to practice riding and register for a motorcycle safety course developed by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. You must take the motorcycle education course if you are under the age of 21.

Restrictions for the Idaho Motorcycle Learner’s Permit

With a motorcycle learner’s permit, you may not:

●      Ride at night

●      Ride on the freeway

●      Carry passengers on your motorcycle

You can renew your motorcycle learner’s permit one time, and each is valid for up to 180 days from the date issued.

With a motorcycle learner’s permit, your next step would be to pass the road skills test OR complete the education course. The STAR classes (Skills Training Advantage for Riders) instruct new riders on the basics of driving and safety when operating a motorcycle. Completion of this course can replace the road skills exam and lower insurance rates.

Motorcycle Operation Education Course

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation has developed a series of courses for motorcycle riders of all skill levels to learn everything from the basics to handling specialized motorcycle riding applications. The MSF developed the Skills Training Advantage for Riders in conjunction with the state of Idaho for beginning motorcyclists.

You are required to take STAR if you are under the age of 21. Besides a discount on your insurance, you get to skip your road skills test if you pass STAR.

Taking the Test for Your Idaho Motorcycle License

Once you receive your permit and become familiar with operating a motorcycle, you will be able to take the final road skills test. Upon proving you can ride a motorcycle safely, you’ll get your motorcycle operator endorsement.

An Idaho motorcycle road skills test includes:

●      Weaving between cones

●      Stopping normally

●      Turning sharply

●      Stopping quickly

●      U-turning

●      Swerving around obstacles

●      Completing all skills without stalling the motorcycle

On the day of your test, make sure to bring your motorcycle learner’s permit, driver’s license, motorcycle, proof of insurance, and registration for the motorcycle you will be using for your test. Additionally, be sure you have a method of payment available for the testing fee.

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