How to Handle Bugs While Riding a Motorcycle

Handle Bugs while Riding Motorcycle

Lovebugs, locusts, bees, spiders, flies, gnats, June bugs, and other insects can range from annoying to dangerous when you’re riding your bike. Encountering bugs while riding a motorcycle can distract a rider from where their focus should be, which is controlling their bike on the road.

Are Bugs Dangerous on a Ride?

Bugs can be dangerous during a ride. Some motorcycle riders encounter swarms so thick that they can’t see through all the bug splatter on their face shields or goggles. Larger bugs with hard exoskeletons can cause bruising and lacerations when struck at high speeds, especially if they hit around your face without appropriate protection.

A sudden sting or bite from a bug can also cause you to become distracted and more concerned with the threat from the bug than controlling your bike safely on the road. This can put you and other motorists at risk.

Protecting Yourself and Your Bike from Bugs

Protecting yourself from bugs while riding a motorcycle often includes ensuring that you wear the appropriate riding gear and prioritizing motorcycle safety as a motorcycle owner. Your bug protection should include the following.


You can choose between a permanent or removable windshield for your motorcycle. The difference is whether you want to have the same windshield style for every ride or if you want flexibility.

You can also choose between acrylic or polycarbonate for your windshield material. Acrylic is cheaper and doesn’t yellow over time, but it is less resistant to scratches and can shatter more easily. Polycarbonate is up to 20 times more impact-resistant than acrylic and is often found in eyeglasses, safety glasses, face shields, and other safety equipment.

Full-Face Motorcycle Helmets

Full-face helmets protect your head on all sides from bugs, road debris, and other impacts that could affect you if you only wear a half-helmet. Full-face helmets can also make riding safer with Bluetooth connectivity. Your phone’s navigation system can help you reach your destination with turn-by-turn navigation that doesn’t require you to take your eyes off the road.

If you prefer a breeze around your ears, you can also purchase a flip-down full-face shield to attach to your existing helmet, which can protect your face from bugs.

Face Masks

Some bikers prefer not to install a windshield or riding their vintage bike with a modern full-face helmet. For these riders, a pair of goggles and a leather face mask could be the perfect solution to help them reduce the impact of bug strikes.


When your legs are perched up on your pegs and the wind is blowing around your pants, a flying insect can easily become trapped and bite or sting you as you ride. Wearing appropriate riding boots can prevent bugs from being caught in your pants as you ride.

Appropriate Riding Gear

Wearing long pants like jeans, riding boots, and protective leathers like chaps and a leather jacket can protect you from flying insects. Hitting larger bugs like locusts, June bugs, or dragonflies can be painful at speeds exceeding 60 or 70 mph. Wearing the appropriate protective gear can make bugs nearly unnoticeable on a ride.

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