Motorcycle Technology: The Future Is Here

Embrace the new era of advanced motorcycle technology. Travel through time to learn what advancements the future holds for motorcycle enthusiasts.

The modern motorcycle industry relies on frequent innovations to sustain the rapid progress of motorcycle tech. We could even argue that we already live in the future. The gradual phasing out of fossil fuel usage and the transition to electric motorcycles marks the beginning of a new chapter in motorcycling history.

Motorcycles of the Future

The focus on electricity as a fuel means people have begun to view electric vehicles as the future means of transport, including electric motorcycles. 

Early electric motorcycles were expensive and suffered from capacity limitations. However, modern electric motorcycle brands have fixed most issues. Now, we’re ready to turn long-held expectations into a reality.

Electric motorcycles now come with adaptive AI, ride-by-wire technology, vehicle-to-vehicle communication systems, improved rider ergonomics, and more. Below, we take a closer look at the future of motorcycle technology.

Improved Batteries

Poor batteries represented one of the primary issues with older electric motorcycles. The weak batteries in those models reduced the bike’s travel range.

The installation of EV Level 2 chargers along roads and highways made it easier for low-range motorcycles. However, the ideal futuristic electric bike needed to achieve triple-digit range capacity. Now you can purchase electric motorcycles with a better travel range than internal combustion engine bikes.

Reduced Battery Charging Time

The reduction in battery charge times represents another aspect of futuristic motorcycles. Some electric motorcycles now come equipped with CCS fast-charging capacity that charges 80% of a bike’s battery in about 45 minutes.

Tesla’s claims of a one-million-mile battery under development for release later this year should interest electric motorcycle enthusiasts. These advancements will make battery life issues a thing of the past.

Expect to see electric motorcycles with superb battery life, better travel range, and fast-charging abilities soon.

Improved Ergonomics

Rider ergonomics have improved alongside other advancements in motorcycle tech. The ergonomics of your bike determines the level of comfort you experience. The chances of fatigue increase if your bike lacks in the ergonomics department. 

Safety issues may also come up due to improper ergonomics.

Modern electric motorcycle brands focus on personalized ergonomics to promote safe riding. You can find electric bikes that allow you to adjust the handlebars and footpegs at the touch of a button. We recommend taking rider ergonomics into account when deciding which bike to purchase.

Advanced Safety Systems

Motorcycle fatalities occur at a much higher rate than automobile deaths. Fatalities occur nearly 30 times more often in motorcycle crashes than car accidents. However, modern motorcycle innovations provide riders with the best safety systems possible.

For example, consider the Damon company’s award-winning safety system: CoPilot™. It features a 360° advanced warning system that tracks up to 64 objects and warns riders of potential dangers.

As rider safety gains more importance, we hope to see other bike brands incorporate better safety measures in their models.

Interactive Helmets

No other protective gear proves more crucial than the helmet. Helmets can protect you from otherwise fatal head injuries. But what if the helmet comes with additional features designed to enhance your riding experience?

The continuing innovations in motorcycle technology mean motorcycle helmets also receive some attention. Companies now produce smart helmets with voice control, noise cancellation, Bluetooth connectivity, front and rear HD cameras, and more.

The rider views visual data from multiple cameras on the heads-up display (HUD) inside the helmet. This technology may enable future motorcycle riders to stream the information straight from the helmet to the bike’s thin-film-transistor (TFT) display.

Futuristic Designs

Motorcycles of the future may look outlandish, but you can expect increasing optimized designs. Currently, many motorcycle manufacturers use 3D printing to produce complex designs and lightweight frames at surprisingly low costs.

The Future of Motorcycle Tech

The modern electric motorcycle continues to undergo rapid developments on its way to becoming the global vehicle of choice. Long-lasting batteries, better ergonomics, faster charging times, and improved safety systems represent the features we already enjoy.

As the motorcycle industry takes the next step into the future, we expect to witness motorcycle technology that elevates the rider’s experience and enhances safety.

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