Ponder These 10 Motorcycle Trivia Facts

Motorcycle trivia facts

If you’re a motorcycle fanatic, keeping a few motorcycle trivia facts in your back pocket is an excellent way to impress your friends and share helpful information about your favorite hobby. Here are ten interesting motorcycle trivia facts to keep on hand. 

1. The World’s Longest Motorcycle Was 86 Feet Long

In 2014, Kharat Sinh Parmar of India constructed the longest motorcycle in the world. The motorcycle measured in at 86 feet, 3 inches long, making it 13 feet longer than the previous longest bike. Bharat also rode the bike 100 meters down the road, showcasing its ability to perform like a traditional motorcycle. 

2. Motorcycle Engine Size of Drivers Killed in Crashes Has Increased

In the past, having a larger engine indicated that your motorcycle was relatively safe and could perform well in an accident. However, in 2019, 34% of motorcyclists killed in crashes drove bikes with engine sizes of at least 1,400 cc. In contrast, only 1% of motorcyclists killed in accidents in 1990 had engine sizes of 1,400 cc or above. 

3. Indiana Law Allows Motorcyclists To Treat Stop Lights as Stop Signs 

Indiana law allows motorcyclists to proceed with caution through red lights after stopping for two minutes. 

Because motorcycles are lighter than cars, they sometimes do not trigger traffic lights to change when they approach the intersection. However, this Indiana law, known as the “Dead Red” law, ensures that riders can pass through intersections even if they do not trigger the traffic signal. 

4. The World’s Smallest Motorcycle Was 80 Millimeters Long

Tom Wiberg of Sweden crafted the world’s smallest motorcycle in 2003. This bike measured only 80 millimeters across, with a rear-wheel diameter of 22 millimeters. 

5. Motorcyclists Are About 29 Times More Likely To Die in Accidents Than Passenger Car Drivers

Motorcycle accidents are not necessarily more common than passenger vehicle accidents, but unfortunately, they tend to be more deadly. In 2019, motorcyclists were 29 times as likely to die in accidents than drivers of passenger vehicles. 

6. More Motorcycle Thefts Occur in July and August Than Any Other Months

If you own a motorcycle, you’ll want to keep your bike locked up and extra secure in July and August each year. These months see more motorcycle thefts across the U.S. than any other months. 

7. California Was the Top State for Motorcycle Thefts in 2020

Some states see more motorcycle thefts than others. In 2020, California saw 9,483 motorcycle thefts, making it the top state for motorcycle thefts that year. Meanwhile, Texas was the runner-up with 4,448 thefts. 

8. Helmet Use Is Required in All but Three States in the U.S. 

All but three states in the U.S. — Iowa, Illinois, and New Hampshire — have motorcycle helmet laws

9. Helmets Reduce the Risk of Head Injury in a Motorcycle Accident by 69%

Not only is helmet use the law in all but three states, but it can also prevent head injuries during motorcycle accidents. According to the CDC, helmet use can reduce your risk of experiencing a head injury from a motorcycle accident by 69%. 

10. Helmets Saved Around 1,859 Lives in 2016

Finally, in 2016, helmet use saved 1,859 motorcyclists’ lives. 

Now that you know these ten motorcycle trivia facts, you can impress your friends with your insightful knowledge about your favorite hobby. However, these facts can also help you understand what factors increase your risk of a motorcycle accident injury. 

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