SoCal AMCA 2023 Borrego Spring Winter Road Run Begins March 2

The SoCal AMCA Borrego Springs Winter Road Run for motorcyclists

March is a peak time to ride your motorcycle through Borrego Springs in Southern California. Starting the last week of February and through the first two weeks of March, you see the infamous super bloom of flowers that draws crowds from across the state to stare in awe at Mother Nature’s miracle. 

But that’s not the only reason to ride to Borrego Springs in March. There’s also the SoCal AMCA Borrego Springs Winter Road Run. Whether this is your first time riding your hog in the California desert or you’re a seasoned veteran, this event is right up your alley. Bring the whole family, the resort location has lots to offer everyone.

Southern California Motorcycle Event Details

Starting on Thursday, March 2  through Sunday, March 5, 2023 marks the 50th year of this iconic event. There’s a full calendar planned for all four days, starting with a tour of Borrego Springs and a mixer and ending on Sunday with a legendary banquet.

The weather in March is expected to be a warm 80 degrees, but bring gear for varying temperatures (both hot and cold) and rain, just in case! Because this event is four days long and located at the beautiful Borrego Springs Resort, there’s plenty to do when you’re not on your bike. However, you won’t want to miss the chance to do hot laps and bench racing.

The first ride starts at 10am on Friday, so make sure you’re ready to go! You must be an AMCA member to attend the event, and your bike also has to be up to date with registration and insurance. The club also requires advance registration for the event, and you can register here.

Stay Safe with Law Tigers

As you stop and smell the flowers, remember that safety on the open road is essential. Winding desert roads and inclement weather can increase the chances of having an accident, no matter how many precautions you take. For help after a crash, contact Law Tigers at 888-863-7216 for a free consultation.