The 5 Best Motorcycle Roads in Mississippi

Mississippi plays host to rich local culture, diverse scenery, and a thriving motorcycle community. It comes as no surprise that there are plenty of great motorcycle roads in Mississippi perfect for adventure.

The 5 Best Motorcycle Rides in Mississippi

While Mississippi motorcycle roads are plentiful and all-around perfect for adventure, we chose 5 of the best that you’d be sorry to miss if you’re cruising through the state. 

1.   Old Port Gibson Road

This local gem of a motorcycle ride displays the diversity of Mississippi scenery and riding terrain in just over 115 miles of easy riding. Not so fast – there are some sweeping turns and twists further along the ride, so be ready for them. The road starts in Raymond, and heads south along Highway 18 until you head up towards Port Gibson. Make sure to bring an appetite for adventure as there are plenty of back roads to travel through, and maybe stop into Vicksburg if you’re looking for some good local food.

2.   Red Bluff

The Red Bluff Run is also known as the Secret Pearl River Run, and it is a mainstay for the local motorcycle riders in Mississippi. The short ride is known for its technical turns, varied elevation, and – most of all – its lush scenery. There might not be a better representation of the Mississippi back country for bikers to enjoy,especially when you couple the experience with a bite and a beverage in Columbia.

3.   Natchez Trace Mississippi

One of the most famous motorcycle parkways in the United States, the Natchez Trace runs through Mississippi into Alabama. There are many sections of the Natchez Trace, and they each have distinct routes, history, scenery, and challenges for motorcycle riders. We’re particularly fond of the Windsor Ruins Run, a local ride that will take you up towards Alcorn State. We could write a whole book about the Natchez Trace options, but it’s more fun to get out there and ride it yourself!

4.   Blues Highway

Also known as the Delta Blues, this run will take you from Vicksburg, Missouri, all the way up to Memphis, Tennessee. You can find plenty of amazing roads and bayou scenery through the Mississippi Delta and through Route 61. With a thriving wildlife population, plenty of small towns to stop in, and the signature scenery that gets most country riders inspired, this is not one to miss out on. Saddle up and get ready for a long adventure as this ride spans over 300 miles total. We recommend a group ride for multiple days so you can see all the historical features and natural beauty this ride has to offer.

5.   Gulf Coast Ride

Mississippi’s Gulf Coast is famous for its rich landscape and southern hospitality. There are beach cities and towns littered along this 150-mile ride, and you can take the well-paved road at any pace you want. While the technical challenges are not as high as some other motorcycle rides in Mississippi, we think the Gulf Coast Ride captures the essence of a day cruise in the south perfectly. Stop for crab, barbecue, or any other southern cuisine. Hit up a casino and grab a beverage or simply enjoy the beauty of the wide-open road.

These are just five of our favorite motorcycle rides in Mississippi. We’re sure there are plenty more great Mississippi motorcycle roads, so send us your picks. Most of all, get out there with your crew, or take the solo journey you’ve always wanted – but always ride safely.

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