The Biker Bars El Paso is Thirsty For

Biker bars El Paso

Gathering at biker bars is a unique privilege of being part of the biker community. If you live in El Paso or are planning a visit soon, you may be wondering if the city offers any biker-friendly bars or restaurants to gather with your motorcycle-enthusiast friends. 

Thankfully, you can find several high-quality biker bars in El Paso with affordable prices, top-quality drinks, and fun activities. Read on to learn the top biker bars in the EP area. 

Iron Horse Saloon

Regulars describe the Iron Horse Saloon as a “staple of the El Paso community” for a reason. This neighborhood bar offers the perfect atmosphere for bikers and non-bikers alike to hang out, drink a cold beer, and enjoy a game of pool. 

The Iron Horse Saloon features three pool tables, three dartboards, and an internet jukebox. The bar also hosts live bands and karaoke throughout the week, allowing you to enjoy music with your friends. 

Additionally, this saloon features a smoking patio in the back, free food on Sundays, and a newly remodeled interior. During football season, the Iron Horse opens at 11 a.m. on the weekends to ensure that you can watch the entire game at the pub. 

Overall, the Iron Horse Saloon is one of the best biker bars in El Paso. 

The Tap Bar & Restaurant

The Tap is an authentic dive bar and restaurant offering everything you’d expect from a biker bar: cheap food, cold drinks, loud music, and crowds of locals and regulars. However, the bar also includes a few eclectic features, making it suitable for bikers, businesspeople, hipsters, and tourists alike. 

Located on East San Antonio Avenue, this hole-in-the-wall dive bar offers a unique experience many bikers enjoy. The Tap serves Mexican cuisine, plays a range of music tracks, and provides free chips and salsa for every customer. 

If you’re a fan of nachos, we recommend ordering a plate from the Tap. Customers describe The Tap’s nachos as some of the best bar nachos in town. 

While The Tap looks unassuming from the outside, you’ll want to check out this distinctive biker-friendly bar. 

Mulligan’s Shot Bar

Mulligan’s is a sports bar that regularly sees a mix of bikers, tourists, and other locals throughout the week. The dive bar charges affordable beer prices, plays rock and speed metal music, and hosts live performances several times a month. 

Many customers come to Mulligan’s to watch their favorite sports, including NBA, MLB, NFL, and NHL games. The bar’s numerous flat-screen TVs make it a perfect spot to watch the big game with your friends. 

Mulligan’s also offers happy hours and drink specials to cut down your costs, making the bar an affordable weekly spot to gather with biker friends. You can also play billiards at one of the bar’s pool tables or enjoy live music on the weekends. 

While Mulligan’s isn’t a biker-specific bar, it offers the atmosphere, drinks, and eats that many bikers love about their favorite local pubs. 

Love Buzz 

Love Buzz is another unique, eclectic bar in El Paso that many bikers congregate at each week. This bar features a chill, rocker dive-bar atmosphere, weekly live music, and a large outdoor patio where you can enjoy quality drinks and affordable eats. 

Love Buzz includes low lighting and colored lanterns to set a calm ambiance. While bikers often frequent this bar, you’ll also find a more diverse crowd of hipsters and tourists on any given night. The restaurant is spacious with ample seating, making it an excellent spot for group gatherings as well. 

As you check out each of these biker bars in El Paso on your bike, be sure to take adequate safety measures to prevent crashes on the way. If you ever become involved in a motorcycle accident, contact our Law Tigers team at 1-888-863-7216 for assistance.