Tips for Riding a Motorcycle in Houston

With tons of summer sunshine and moderate winter temperatures, Houston beckons motorcyclists to travel its highways 12 months a year. Outside the Houston metro area, you can enjoy diverse landscapes with unlimited scenic routes for weekend getaways. But what about riding in Houston itself? Here are a few tips for riding a motorcycle in Houston.

How to Ride Around Houston

Many motorcyclists find Houston to be a reasonably motorcycle-friendly city. For example, you can ride in the HOV lane, which is critical to arriving on time if you take notoriously congested routes like Interstates 10, 45, and 610. Additionally, Houston has an easily navigable road network that helps keep motorcyclists safe, especially when other drivers who are not expecting motorcycles are lost and distracted as they try to find their way. If you know where you are going, you can protect yourself from an accident. As always, be alert for distracted drivers, abrupt lane changes, and vehicles making left turns.

Some riders feel more comfortable on Houston highways than the local roads, especially because the moderate speeds can give you a false sense of confidence on a bike. Other drivers abruptly slowing down to turn, vehicles turning left into your way, and even cars speeding out of parking lots can present a greater risk to motorcyclists in some circumstances than highway traffic.

Connecting with Other Houston Motorcyclists

Meeting other motorcyclists or joining statewide clubs is a great way to pick up tips for how to ride around Houston and enjoy camaraderie on Texas roadways. Choose from the dozens of local Houston clubs or get connected with the Lone Star Riders or another statewide organization. These groups are keen to share their vast knowledge of the best Texas routes and welcome newcomers to join them on Houston rides.

While exploring Houston by motorcycle can be an enjoyable and exciting activity, the good times can easily be interrupted if you’re involved in an accident. Watch out for hazards on the road, follow all traffic laws, and make sure you’re wearing appropriate protective gear. You’ll reduce your likelihood of being involved in an accident, and you’ll ensure your trip is memorable for all the right reasons.

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