What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident?

As a rider, you understand the unique risks involved with motorcycling. Even when you take every reasonable precaution, you cannot control the actions of other drivers on the road. If another vehicle hits your bike, you must act quickly in order to protect your rights and interests. Here’s a look at what to do after a motorcycle accident to preserve your right to compensation and safeguard your health.

5 Steps You Need to Take After Motorcycle Accident

1. Get To Safety

Staying in the middle of the road after your accident can leave you vulnerable to a subsequent crash. If possible, you should attempt to move your bike to the shoulder or as far away from traffic as you can. If you cannot reposition your motorcycle, your next best option is to leave it on the road and get yourself to safety. 

2. Keep Your Gear On

After a crash, it might seem natural to remove your gear, but it’s safer to keep it on. Taking off helmets and other protective gear can worsen injuries, especially if adrenaline is hiding the pain. Try to stay still and wait for emergency services in a safe spot. For minor falls, having a first aid kit is useful for treating bruises and scratches.

3. Call 911

First and foremost, call emergency services immediately if anyone suffers injuries in the motorcycle accident. Tend to any immediate medical needs by rendering first aid, if possible, until first responders arrive. However, do not move injured victims unless necessary to prevent further harm. 

Remember, do not admit fault. Even if you think you may have been in the wrong, you should never admit total fault at the scene of an accident. Instead, you should give yourself a few days to think about the circumstances surrounding the accident before accepting responsibility.

While it may seem like the accident was entirely your fault at first, you may realize the other driver was also partially to blame after you have time to think about it. However, admitting fault upfront could make you liable for all of the damages that occur.

Even apologizing to the other driver after an accident can make it seem like you are admitting fault. In general, it’s best to leave the talking to a minimum, wait for the police to come, and focus on collecting evidence at the scene. 

4. Gather Evidence

Once conditions stabilize and EMTs take over caring for the injured, turn your attention to gathering crucial evidence at the scene. Use your smartphone to document everything thoroughly with photos and video footage. Capture clear shots of all vehicle positioning exactly as the motorcycles and cars came to rest after impact. Walk around, capturing various angles and distances. Film any roadway conditions like potholes, debris, or obstructed traffic signs that may have contributed to the accident.

In addition to photographic evidence, also get contact information, insurance policy details, driver’s license numbers, and license plate numbers from all other drivers involved in the accident. You should also request contact information from witnesses who may have seen the collision occur.

5. Accept Medical Treatment

Motorcyclists often like to act tough after a crash and assure those around them that they do not need to go to the hospital. While you may not require immediate medical treatment following your crash, it’s always a good idea to schedule an appointment with a physician within a few days of your accident. 

Often, underlying injuries from a crash can be challenging to detect without x-rays and other tests. Additionally, some injuries become more apparent with time. 

It’s also best to receive a proper exam and diagnosis from a physician to give to your insurance company. This documentation can act as evidence in your claim, ensuring that you receive the funds you need to pay for medical bills, lost wages, and other resulting expenses. 

Call an Experienced Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Resist the urge to call the at-fault driver’s insurance company. Their representatives train extensively on tactics to devalue claims from the start. Instead, prioritize consulting with a knowledgeable motorcycle accident lawyer. An experienced attorney provides invaluable guidance from day one, ensuring you protect your rights and do not say anything that could jeopardize your ability to recover full compensation down the line.

Law Tigers offers free case evaluations to motorcycle crash victims. Our legal team understands the nuances of these complex claims and fights aggressively for the money you deserve.

Having a motorcycle lawyer from Law Tigers in your corner means never going up against well-staffed insurance companies alone. We handle the entire legal process from start to finish while you focus on recovering from your injuries. Our contingency fee model means you pay nothing until we deliver a settlement or award. If we do not win your case, you owe us nothing. That reassurance allows you to pursue legal action without worrying about upfront costs.

Do not compound the trauma of a motorcycle accident by going through lengthy battles with insurance companies by yourself. Exercising your right to legal counsel from the beginning gives you the best chance to maximize your compensation.

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