What to Know About Choosing a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles

Motorcycle accident Lawyer in Los Angelos

California laws surrounding motorcycles are complicated. Finding a motorcycle injury lawyer in Los Angeles with the proper knowledge of these laws is important to understanding how to deal with property damage, personal injuries, and medical bills after a motorcycle crash. 

How to Respond After a Motorcycle Accident

Getting in an accident can be an overwhelming experience. There is a lot to consider all at once, especially under emotional pressure. If you are a motorcycle rider, here are the basic steps to follow if you ever have an accident:

  1. Move away from the road. After an accident, the first thing to do is move out of the road to a safe area away from traffic.
  2. Move your bike. Once you are safe, if you can, move your bike to the side of the road as well.
  3. Call 911 or local police. Regardless of injuries, it is important to notify the police of the accident so that they can write a report. This can prevent hit-and-run scenarios and help determine fault.
  4. Take photos and exchange insurance information. Be sure to take time-stamped photos of any vehicle damage and exchange information with any people involved.
  5. Seek medical attention, if necessary. Even if you feel mostly fine, it is crucial to have any injuries assessed by a medical professional for your health and the purpose of insurance claims.
  6. Make an insurance report. Now that you’re home safe, it is time to file a claim.
  7. Seek a lawyer. Finding legal help allows a professional to handle negotiations and work toward maximum compensation. 

How Can a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Help?

It may seem like insurance claims are something you can deal with yourself. However, insurance companies are in the business of making money, which means they will always offer the minimum compensation possible. Sometimes, they might even pressure you into accepting liability.

Law Tigers in Los Angeles have in-depth knowledge of the law, so they are prepared to negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf and protect your rights. If your compensation still does not match the accurate estimate, they can take the claim to court. 

Factors to Keep in Mind Before Hiring a Lawyer

A lot goes into choosing the right lawyer for your case. Before making any decisions or signing paperwork, make sure you keep the following in mind:

  • Cost
  • Their availability and schedule
  • Their experience and resources
  • Recent reviews
  • Past track record


To learn more, read through some of Law Tigers frequently asked questions below:

What Is the California Law on Helmets?

California requires helmets by law on all motorcycle drivers and passengers. Helmets can prevent a severe catastrophic injury in the case of an accident and protect the injury victim’s best interests.

How Is Compensation Determined?

Compensation after a motorcycle accident depends on many tangible and intangible factors, including:

  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of income related to disability
  • Property damage repair or replacement costs
  • Legal fees (including lawyer fees)
  • Rental car
  • Emotional trauma and decreased quality of life

What Are the Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

A good way to avoid an accident is by understanding how they occur. Motorcycle accidents are commonly caused by distracted drivers, road defects, vehicle malfunctions, reckless lane splitting, speeding, and poor weather conditions. 

Protect Your Rights

At Law Tigers, we protect motorcycle riders and fight for their interests after accidents.

If you or someone you know has been in a motorcycle accident that resulted in injury, property damage, wrongful death, or an insurance claim, it is important to seek a motorcycle injury lawyer in Los Angeles to manage your claim. Call Law Tigers today at 1-888-863-7216 for a free case evaluation.