8 Best Roads to Ride on a Motorcycle in Louisiana

Louisiana is a state rich in beautiful landscape, American history, and amazing motorcycle roads. If you’re visiting the Bayou State or are a local looking to expand your motorcycle ride repertoire, then you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve carefully crafted the 8 best roads to ride a motorcycle on in Louisiana – and we’re sure there’s something for everyone in this list. Take a look yourself and see which one you’ll cross off next time you go for a ride.

Top 8 Motorcycle Rides in Louisiana

It’s difficult choosing only 8 of our favorite motorcycle roads in Louisiana. These are listed in no particular order, and we’d love to hear if you think there’s a worthy ride missing from the list!

1.   Folsom-Bogalusa Loop: The Folsom-Bogalusa loop is a great way to see the diverse and scenic countryside of Louisiana on one quick day trip. The loop itself takes you through three different small towns over about 65 miles of well-paved road. However, just because it’s short doesn’t mean it’s lacking! The sweeping curves and twists along the path make for ideal technical riding if you want – or you can relax and make it into an afternoon of sightseeing and soak in that small town charm.

2.   55 Mile Cajun Country Loop: Starting off in Opelousas, this pristine Louisiana motorcycle road also known as ‘Old Port Barre Road’ takes Highway 31 into Port Barre – a perfect showcase of the Cajun countryside. With quaint small towns looking to host hungry and thirsty bikers, this loop is ideal for a group ride looking for some of that southern cuisine. We recommend cruising through the farmland to work up your appetite and then stopping on the north side of Lafayette for some good food and drink.

3.   Lea’s Pie Run: If your establishment makes good enough pie to have an entire motorcycle trip named after it, you’re doing something right. Lea’s in Lecompte dominates all other rides according to one thing – food. People in Louisiana love to cook, eat, and fill up hungry stomachs, so you know that this 125 mile loop is drawing crowds for a reason. Saddle up and bring your appetite!

4.   Hwy 57 Salt Marsh Tour: This twisty loop of a salt marsh provides some of the quickest changing terrain of any Louisiana motorcycle ride. It can technically be done as a 24-mile straight shot to or from Houma, but we recommend going in a full loop so you can appreciate the scenery going both directions. As the roads curve, you will see salt marsh turn into roadside oak trees – all while being framed by the beautiful Louisiana sky. A must-ride!

5.   Natchez Trace Run: We’re adding a little interstate spice to our Louisiana motorcycle guide with the Natchez Trace run from New Orleans. Natchez Trace has over 400 miles of parkway designed for adventuring, and making it part of a trip up from New Orleans is an amazing way to see the culture of Louisiana, Alabama, and Tennessee all in one fell swoop. Beware – this ride is time and skill intensive, so this is definitely one to plan out with your crew.

6.   Maurepas – French Settlement: This short but satisfying road will take you through several small towns and past the Tickfaw River. With well-maintained road, sweeping curves, and a Cajun country background to enjoy while you cruise, this is an ideal day ride any time of the year. Stop by some of the local seafood restaurants and get a true taste of the local cuisine, finishing with a relaxing stop in the French Settlement. Santé!

7.   Kisatchie National Forest: With over 200 miles of pristine road inside of Kisatchie National Forest, this ride’ll fit any style of biker. You can make it into an adventure-lovers day trip through numerous switchbacks, or you can cruise through the majestic forest snapping pictures with your camera. There are some great campsites to spend a few days, or to simply stop by for a quick pit stop during your day trip. Kisatchie is a nature-lover’s ride in Louisiana that you won’t want to miss out on.

8.   Toledo Bend Loop: The Toledo Bend Loop is a bit of a local secret among Louisiana motorcycle riders. Showcasing the beautiful Louisiana scenery on the east side of the state, this ride can be done as one massive 350+ mile trek, or cut into smaller trips. Enjoy scenery that changes rapidly as you take sweeping turns, and the midday sky never fails to disappoint, creating the perfect backdrop for the roadside flora. This is a great ride for a group cruise, so get some friends and head out to the Toledo Bend Loop.

There are dozens of amazing motorcycle roads in Louisiana, so be sure to share your favorites that didn’t make the list with your fellow riders.

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