Chicago Motorcycle Rides—Three Corners Scenic Loop

Chicago Motorcycle Rides, Three Corners Scenic Loop

Whether you’re a first-time biker or a long-time motorcycle enthusiast, you can enjoy a classic American motorcycle ride in the Midwest! Make sure to check out the Three Corners Scenic Loop if you’re ever in the Chicago area. This route offers some fantastic views, popular roadside attractions, and exciting stretches of road.   

Directions for the Route

Many motorcyclists enjoy the Three Corners Scenic Loop, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why. The scenic route offers 304 miles of well-kept roadways that will take you through three states (Illinois, Wisconsin, and Iowa) and an incredible variety of landscapes. 

Here are the directions for the loop:

  • Start in Belvidere, IL, and head north on State Route 76
  • At the Wisconsin-Illinois border, Rt. 76 turns into State Route 140
  • Turn left onto U.S. Highway 14 near Emerald Grove, WI
  • Turn onto Business Route 14, heading west
  • Merge onto Interstate 90, going south for a few miles
  • Take the exit onto State Route 11, heading west
  • Follow Rt. 11/State Route 81 until you reach Gratiot, WI
  • Turn left onto State Route 78, heading south
  • Take an exit right to follow County Highway W
  • Get on Rt. 11 until it intersects U.S. Highway 61
  • Follow Hwy. 61 south, crossing the Wisconsin-Iowa border
  • Turn left onto U.S. Highway 52

The crossroads of Hwy. 61 and Hwy. 52 near Rockdale, IA, is the westernmost point of this loop. You still have plenty more to do and see, though. Take your time and feel free to stop, stretch your legs, check out the scenery, and grab a bite to eat.

Things To See Along the Route

You’ll come across all kinds of sights as you follow Three Corners Scenic Loop. The road takes you through extensive cornfields and beautiful farmlands, past rolling hillsides and intriguing rock formations, and down twists and turns that will leave you flushed and giddy like a schoolkid. We recommend pacing the trip and giving yourself plenty of time to take in all the scenery.

Not many motorcycle rides follow the Mississippi River, but this one does. You can ride across one of America’s most famous waterways and soak in all its glory. Bring a camera because this route provides excellent photo ops!

Roadside Attractions for Three Corners Scenic Loop

If the scenic drive itself isn’t enough, you’ll find numerous attractions along the way. The route passes through several small towns where you can stop, shop, buy lunch, and feel part of the local culture. New Diggings, WI, is a well-known biker town and one of our favorite stops.

Galena, IL, is a touristy town with plenty of boutique shops, old Victorian homes, quaint attractions, and a good variety of accommodations. The National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa, IA, is a must-visit location, featuring an impressive collection of vintage motorcycles, restored bikes, memorabilia, documents, and much more. You can learn about our country’s rich motorcycle history and fuel your passion for two-wheeled American iron.

We guarantee the thrill of the open road will leave you hungry eventually. So don’t be afraid to park your motorcycle and poke your nose into some of these eateries:

  • Baumgartner’s in downtown Monroe, WI 
  • Anton’s Saloon in New Diggings, WI
  • Iron Horse Social Club in Savanna, IL
  • Poopy’s Pub in Savanna, IL

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