Eastern Oregon Motorcycle Rides

Motorcycle road trip through the Eastern Oregon

While western Oregon offers great views of the 101, eastern Oregon motorcycle rides feature mountains, rivers, twists, turns, valleys, and more. Don’t miss any of these routes the next time you’re riding through eastern Oregon.

Rowena Crest (US Route 30) US-26, Dayville, OR

When heading eastbound on I-84 beyond Hood River, take the exit for the Historic Columbia River Highway/US Route 30 E. The winding two-lane highway only measures about 15 miles before merging back onto I-84 just before entering The Dalles.


The route takes you up and down the Rowena Crest, offering views of the Tom McCall Nature Preserve, where you can see mule deer and several species of birds. See farms, orchards, wildlife, and more while you sail down the winding road on two wheels.

Oregon State Route 245 – Dooley Mountain Highway

The “Little Dragon” refers to the twists and sharp corners similar to the famous “Tail of the Dragon” in North Carolina. Dooley Mountain Highway offers a nearly private ride up some fun curves in the mountains. One 14-mile section includes 188 corners and is one of the favorite eastern Oregon motorcycle rides for bikers in the know.


Take Route 245 north of Unity and follow it 36 miles until turning right on OR-7 N in Salisbury, then follow OR-7 to Baker. Riders should exercise caution, especially if riding at night. The highway includes steep walls and drop-offs on either side and doesn’t always feature a guardrail. Additionally, there are very few, if any, street lights along most of the road.

Oregon State Route 218 – Shaniko-Fossil Highway

This 40-mile route takes you through Antelope and Clarno. While the ride may only take about an hour, plan a stop near Clarno to observe the Clarno Unit of the John Day National Monument.


The monument features palisades made from volcanic lahars created 40-50 million years ago. The area was once a subtropical rainforest, and paleontologists and other fossil hunters regularly find fossilized remnants of ancient species that lived in the area.

Oregon Route 19 – John Day Highway

Between Fossil and Dayville is a stretch of the John Day Highway that follows the path of the John Day River, twisting and turning along with the river bends. The 70-mile ride offers several scenic stops to stretch your legs on a hike or learn more about fossils found in the area at the Thomas Condon Paleontology Center.


Be sure to visit the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument Sheep Rock Unit. See the Sheep Rock formation on the east side of OR-19 across from the Thomas Condon Paleontology Center. Observe blue-green claystone, cliffs, and more.

Oregon Route 86 – Baker City-Copperfield Highway

The twists and turns of OR-86 make this a fun ride on your way to Hells Canyon. The ride is largely flat, with miles of prairies and scrubby trees visible as you whip through turn after turn. The 70-mile ride doesn’t offer much opportunity to stop for gas or a snack except in the small towns of Richland, Halfway, or Pine.


As you close in on Copperfield via OR-86 E, the terrain adds rolling hills dotted with pines and oak trees. On arriving at Copperfield, you may feel tempted to refuel and head back to Baker City to see it all again.

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