Motorcycle Rides in Illinois: Exploring the Blues Brothers Hot Spots

Are you a film fan wondering about the best motorcycle rides in Illinois? Rev up your motorcycle and get ready to hit the streets of Chicago to explore the iconic filming locations from the classic 1980 comedy The Blues Brothers. This beloved movie starring John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd has become a cherished part of the Windy City’s cultural history. Hop on your bike to visit these famous spots in Chicago to retrace the wacky misadventures of Jake and Elwood Blues as they “got the band back together.”

Soul Food Cafe

Start your cinematic odyssey with a ride down to 807 Maxwell Street, home of the legendary Soul Food Café, where Aretha Franklin asked her guitar-playing husband to “Think” before he walked out on her. While the original eatery has been replaced by a university building, you can still feel the soul reverberating through the street. Then, cruise on over to the South Side to scope out Pilgrim Baptist Church, which served as the exterior for the Triple Rock Church, where Jake saw the light in a divine epiphany with the righteous Reverend Cleophus James (played by the Godfather of Soul himself, James Brown).

Jackson Park

Next up, motor on down to Jackson Park, where the Blues Brothers sent the Illinois Nazis for an unscheduled swim. Thankfully, this lovely green space remains a Nazi-free zone to this day. After that, ride along the Gold Coast to 660 N. Rush St., the former site of the swanky Chez Paul restaurant, where the mischievous brothers caused a commotion and hassled a young Paul Reubens. (And yes, that’s the same restaurant that almost refused to seat Abe Froman, the Sausage King of Chicago, in another iconic film comedy.)

Famous Police Car Scene

Vroom over to Lake St. and LaSalle St. in Lower Wacker, where the movie’s most epic scene unfolded: a hilariously over-the-top police car pile up. Take in the sights, but keep your eyes on the road! Finally, arrive at your last stop: Richard J. Daley Center and the adjacent City Hall, the site of the film’s climactic chase scene and resolution. You can almost hear the wail of police sirens echoing off the stone facades.

Visiting these Blues Brothers spots in Chicago on two wheels is an unforgettable way to experience Chicago’s movie magic, but remember to put safety first. Always wear proper protective gear, obey traffic laws, and ride defensively.

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