Motorcycle Speed World Record Set in Utah by Rocky Robinson

Rocky Robinson’s Motorcycle Speed World Record in Utah

How fast is too fast when riding a motorcycle? Consider this: The maximum speed limits in the U.S. range between 70 and 80 mph, depending on the state. The fastest motorcycles that are also street-legal have top speeds of around 250 mph. 

But all that is nothing compared to the motorcycle land speed record of 376.363 mph! The current record was set by rider Rocky Robinson on September 25, 2010, in Utah. Read on to learn how Robinson made motorcycle history.

Chasing Greatness: Rocky Robinson’s Motorcycle Speed World Record in Utah

376.363 mph is fast. Don’t try this at home — or on the road!


Amazingly, this wasn’t Rocky Robinson’s first speed world record. It was his third in just four years: 2006, 2008, and 2010. Before he broke his first record, no one had toppled the previous one for a whopping 16 years.


Robinson made history at the Bonneville Speedway on the Bonneville Salt Flats northeast of Wendover, UT. 

The speedway is on the National Register of Historic Places, and with good reason. Daredevils like Robinson have set multiple records there — with cars as well as motorcycles. 

Perhaps most famously, Andy Green broke the world land speed record with his Thrust SSC car in 1997. He reached a head-spinning 763.035 mph, becoming the fastest person on earth and the first to drive at supersonic speed. As of 2023, his record still stands.


Rocky Robinson broke the motorcycle speed world record in Utah on September 25, 2010 — more than five decades after the first fully streamlined modern motorcycle came into being.

The Motorcycle

The human body can’t withstand 376.363 mph sitting upright on two wheels. To get around this problem, motorcycle racer and designer Mike Akatiff and his crew created the bespoke TOP 1 Ack Attack. 

Measuring 19.67 feet long by 2.5 feet tall, and weighing 1,650 pounds, this streamlined motorcycle looks more like a spaceship than a bike. It features a cylindrical riding case that stands upright when stationary, thanks to the support of two folding side wheels.

The TOP 1 Ack Attack is powered by two Suzuki Hayabusa in-line four-cylinder engines that can reach a maximum of 12,000 rpm with a net horsepower of 700 to 900.

Rocky Robinson has been riding this beast since 2006. Together, they have broken the world land speed record three times.

The Record

On September 25, 2010, Robinson and the TOP 1 Ack Attack had to cover the Bonneville Speedway at a breakneck speed not once but twice. The average of the two speeds over one measured kilometer or 0.6 miles — 376.363 mph — was the speed used for Robinson’s world record entry. 

Believe it or not, this result was a bit underwhelming, as Robinson managed to top out at a mind-boggling 394 mph during one of the runs.

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