Notables, Trends and Fashions of the Largest Motorcycle Rally in History; Sturgis 2015 Recap

Now that the Black Hills Motorcycle Rally in Sturgis South Dakota has been over for a few weeks, our heads have slowed to a manageable rotation and we can reflect on the wonderment that was the 75th Annual Sturgis Rally. Check out our Facebook Mashup Video

If you’ve ever been to Sturgis, SD you know that just about anything goes, and that’s just during the day. Races, bike shows, concerts, demo rides abound. Amidst the chaos of too many motorcycles and people jammed in too small a space, we saw a great many things; petrified and armed revolutionary soldier, Santa Claus, the largest amount of people wearing fishnet clothing in public in the world probably, and every type of motorcycle (and human for that matter) imaginable.


The great thing about motorcycle riding is that it appeals to a wide spectrum of people and we got to see first hand how wide that scale swings. First of all, I noticed license plates from all over, not just the States. Some of these plates were as personalized as the bikes themselves.



A trend I noticed is the number of trikes riding around Sturgis. If you’re not familiar with the word, it means a three-wheeled motorcycle, typically with the two wheels in back and one upfront. Custom trikes were everywhere. Possibly growing in popularity with the aging crowd that has frequented the rally for the past 75 years. Whatever the draw is to these three-wheeled machines, there is some amazing and sometimes odd work being done with them.


Traffic was, of course, atrocious. However, most everyone on a bike was quite courteous and you got to where you wanted to go without too much trouble.

If you’re planning to attend the 76th Sturgis Rally you will most likely encounter similar experiences. However, the numbers, which claimed to reach 1 million bikes, will not likely be seen again as the attending generation becomes less physically capable of making the trek to the Black Hills and camping for a week.

It was, and is, a big party and I’m sure CEO’s of Alcohol companies could retire for the rest of their lives from the sales of this one week in Sturgis, SD. Lots of good people united in their love for motorcycles and the great countryside of the Black Hills. It reminds us of the important things in life and the joy of living. It’s as if 1 million people collectively put their voices together to say, “life is not about the destination, but the journey.”

Eagle 75
100o Motorcycles make the world’s largest motorcycle sculptor to commemorate the 75th Sturgis Rally.

See you at the 76th Annual Sturgis Rally! Ride safe.

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Author: Joel Martin