Odd Facts for Motorcyclists in Idaho Over Age 88

odd motorcycle facts in Idaho

Did you know that if you’re over 88, you can’t ride your motorcycle in all Idaho cities? Like many other states, Idaho has interesting laws and statistics regarding motorcyclists. Read on to discover more odd motorcycle facts in Idaho so you can ride safely. 

1. Bikers Over 88 Cannot Ride in Idaho Falls

Idaho Falls is the commercial and healthcare hub of Eastern Idaho, making it one of the state’s largest cities East of the capital. The state of Idaho prohibits anyone over the age of 88 from riding a motorcycle in Idaho Falls. If you’re over 88, you’ll have to avoid Idaho Falls while riding. 

2. Age Has Nothing To Do With the Common Motorcycle Accidents in Idaho

Many assume that the above Idaho motorcycle law relates to safety, though the accident statistics say otherwise. According to statistics from the Idaho Office of Highway Safety, 28 Idaho riders lost their lives to motorcycle crashes in 2015. A few top accident causes include the following:

Distracted driving: One of the most common types of motorcycle accidents is head-on collisions which typically occur from distracted driving, including texting, impaired driving, running lights, and eating while driving. 

Lane splitting: Lane-splitting with a non-motorcycle is illegal in Idaho, making it especially dangerous. 

Left turns: Unprotected left-hand turns, especially in busy intersections, are a top cause of accidents among all motor vehicles, including motorcycles. 

Speeding: Motorcycle speeding is dangerous and can worsen injury severity if an accident happens. 

Fixed objects: Motorcyclists have less physical protection than standard motor vehicles, placing them at higher injury risks during object collisions. 

Most motorcycle accidents happen in areas with heavy traffic, which may be why Idaho wants to reduce the number of riders in Idaho Falls. 

3. Riders Under 40 Have Higher Accident Risks

While senior riders may suffer more severe injuries after an accident, younger riders typically have higher accident risks. Motorcycle accident statistics show that the average age for fatal and non-fatal motorcycle accidents is in the 40s. 

The reason behind these odd motorcycle facts in Idaho may be that there are more middle-aged riders than senior riders. Alternatively, older riders may have more experience, which reduces accident risks. Regardless of the risks, you should follow all recommended protocols to stay safe while riding. 

Staying Safe as a Senior Idaho Motorcyclist 

All Idaho motorcyclists should use the following tips to stay safe:

Pick the right bike for you: All bikes handle differently. For example, if you have arthritis, you may want to pick a lighter bike with easier controls. If you’re tall, you should consider a bike with high clearance. 

Inspect before your ride: Check the bike before each ride for any leaks or malfunctioning parts. We recommend examining the throttle, chain, timing belt, and suspension. You should also receive regular inspections and maintenance. 

Use safety gear: Safety gear can protect you from fatal injuries if you do get in a crash. Riders should always wear a full-face helmet, textile jacket, riding pants, closed-toe boots, and gloves. 

Drive defensively: Just because you ride safely doesn’t mean everyone else does. Always scan the road, pay attention, and approach intersections with caution. Riding in motorcycle groups can also improve visibility and safety. 

Call a motorcycle attorney if you have an accident: If you have an accident, you should hire an attorney who works specifically with motorcycle cases. 

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