Ogden to Bear Lake by Motorcycle

Ogden, Utah to Bear Lake by motorcycle

The route from Ogden to Bear Lake is great for choppers and offers myriad activities and exciting adventures year-round. Check out these tips on how to get from Ogden to Bear Lake by motorcycle and what to do once you arrive.

Getting From Ogden to Bear Lake by Motorcycle

The approximately 190-mile ride opens with nice mild curves through the Ogden Canyon and around the south side of Pineview Reservoir. Near Woodruff, you’ll have to navigate some more climbing curves as the altitude increases. On the flip side, you’ll also enjoy some beautiful mountain and valley views. 

Riding through Woodruff, there are some flat roads and farmland until you hit Highway 30. You’ll then pass through another small climbing canyon before dropping into the southside of Bear Lake. You may want to slow down for this part to take in the nice views along the shoreline. 

When you are ready to head back, ride through the canyon to Logan and then down to Brigham. From Brigham, you can either get on the I-15 or ride south on Highway 89 and back to Ogden.

Things To Do in the Bear Lake Area

Bear Lake and the surrounding area offer plenty of fun activities and scenic views. Check out a few favorite local adventures below.

Try the Famous Bear Lake Raspberries

The area is well known for its delicious raspberries, and the local towns host a late-summer raspberry festival every year. If you are visiting Bear Lake during the berry season, be sure to pick up a carton of vitamin-packed raspberries from one of the many roadside stands. 

Rent a Boat and Go for a Cooling Dip

The best way to enjoy Bear Lake is on the water. You can rent a boat, kayak, or paddleboard and go paddling for a few hours. If you get hot, feel free to take a dip to cool down!

Bask in the Sun at Rendezvous Beach

If you’d rather relax and take it easy, head to Rendezvous Beach on the lake’s southern end. This sandy stretch of shoreline is an ideal spot for sunbathing, building sandcastles, and taking dips in the shallows. The nearby drive-through offers a good selection of snacks if you feel like grabbing a bite.

Brave the Cold and Go Ice Fishing 

If you are visiting Bear Lake in the winter and don’t mind a bit of cold, you may be able to go ice fishing. During most winters, the lake surface freezes into a sprawling ice field, allowing you to fish for trout and whitefish.

Hike Limber Pine for Stunning Water Views

Limber Pine is a mellow, family-friendly trail that starts near the summit of Logan Canyon before dropping into Bear Lake Valley. The 1.5-mile hike will treat you to some of the best views of Bear Lake that are well worth the sweat!

Go Cycling Around Bear Lake

Just because you got from Ogden to Bear Lake by motorcycle doesn’t mean you can’t hop on another two-wheeler. The 52-mile shoreline makes for a challenging bicycle ride, but you don’t have to cover all of it. Head north from Garden City and cycle as far as you want. 

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