7 Best Motorcycle Rides in Dallas

Looking for places to ride in Dallas? Then prepare to be spoiled for options with some of the best motorcycle rides in Dallas. The Dallas-Fort Worth area is a great place to start your next motorcycle adventure. Dallas-Fort Worth is a big, sprawling area that has something for everyone, and you’ll find more to like the more you explore it on your bike. Escape the buzz of DFW as you take in the gorgeous North Texas landscape from behind the handlebars.

So Texas, get ready to ride because these are the best motorcycle rides near you. 

7 Best Motorcycle Rides in Dallas

While choosing only seven motorcycle rides in Dallas was difficult, these should be a great start if you are looking to truly experience the roads, culture, and nature near this city. They are not listed in any particular order, so you’ll have to let us know which you think is best once you’ve ridden them all.

1)  North Dallas Twistys

Revered for its fitting name, this rural road in North Texas is a treat for adventure-hungry bikers. The route begins in Denton and ends in McKinney. It is a well-paved, versatile road that begins with a straightaway and evolves into the twisty roads that technical riders love so much. Just over 48 miles long, it will take you through Highway 75 and out through Route 543 to Kinney.

2)  The Red River Cruise

The Red River Cruise provides a relaxing ride through the hill country and affords riders of all skills and group-sizes an opportunity to test their motorcycle prowess (but only if you want to). This 140-mile stretch has wide, sweeping curves, and ultimately ends up right next to the Red River. You’ll be able to pass by the wind power generation farm – truly a Texas sight to see if you’re unfamiliar with it. Make sure to bring snacks or be ready to grab some food at The Center once you get to Muenster.

3)  The Lizard’s Tail Pt. 1

Compact and tricky, this 30-mile ride in Lake Worth is relaxing for the most part, but has some twistys to top off your adventure. Make sure to tap into cruise mode when you’re near the intersection of Silver Creek and N. Las Vegas Trail; grab some food, take a break, and enjoy the surrounding scenery. From there, head back towards Casino beach to complete your journey. This is a great morning ride by itself, or as an intro ride to some of those longer motorcycle routes near Dallas.

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4)  New Hope Through Blue Ridge

A marathon motorcycle ride is a bit different than a ‘jog.’ This 26-mile route to Melissa is a sprint, and one with some great technical riding and pit stops along the way. Leaving from New Hope on this sweep through North Texas will take you past some great BBQ, multiple scenic rest stops, and through the Blue Ridge Pass. That’s a whole lot for so little mileage!

5)  Dinosaur Valley Park

A 90-mile day ride from the 35E in Carrollton to Dinosaur Valley Park will soothe any restless rider. Tracking its way through Mansfield and Keene, the ride itself is not particularly rigorous in most spots, but still has some twistys and challenges available for experienced riders. It costs $7 to enter the park, and there are some great local restaurants and museums nearby. Make sure to plan for a longer day in case you want to ride all the way around the park or hop off and get a hike in.  

6)  Possum Kingdom Lake Ride

From Dallas, this ride is a full day, but well worth it in our estimation. Over 300 miles passing through historical monuments, museums, BBQ, and open roads, the Possum Kingdom Lake Ride will reward any adventurous spirit looking for a time well-spent in the saddle. It’s not a particularly difficult ride, and makes for a great group outing. Make sure to stop by the Vintage Grill and Car Museum for some extra entertainment with your crew.

7)  The Twisted Sisters

Also known as ‘The Three Sisters’, this 100-mile loop is renowned throughout Texas (and we might be cheating a little to claim it just for Dallas). Nonetheless, Three Hill Country Ranch Roads 335, 336, and 337 are not to be trifled with if you’re looking for a simple cruise. This is certainly an adrenaline enthusiast’s ride, and requires precision and patience no matter how skilled a rider you are. The Twisted Sisters have canyons, twistys, sharp turns, elevation shifts, and even difficult terrain at times. With that said, we still highly recommend getting out there and experiencing this Texas masterpiece.

There are hundreds of great motorcycle roads in Dallas to learn about while in the area. Starting with these seven is just a highlight of what you can do, and we always remind you to ride safe and protected.

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