Panama City Motorcycle Rides

Panama City ocean view

Are you planning a trip to Panama City? Then you’ll be happy to know that the area is home to dozens of excellent motorcycle routes. 

Panama City motorcycle rides can allow you to see the sparkling ocean views that line the city and the many other attractions around this tourist town. You can limit your motorcycle riding to the urban areas around Panama City or take a backroads tour into the smaller beach towns in the area. 

Read on to learn our favorite Panama City motorcycle rides. 

Northwest Florida Loop

You can only see so much of the Florida coast in a half-day trip. If you’re looking for a route that can allow you to explore Panama City and the Panhandle beyond, we recommend the Northwest Florida Loop. 

This loop covers 523 miles, and you can expect it to take an entire weekend. This route follows the Emerald Coast for a significant portion, providing spectacular ocean views. It passes through Panama City and along Panama City beaches before traveling northwest to Destin. 

Next, the route travels east through Blountstown, bypassing Tallahassee, before cutting south to Crawfordville. Finally, you’ll be back at the Emerald Coast, which you can border west until you return to Panama City. 

Throughout this loop, you’ll pass through many beach towns and more rural sections of the Panhandle that offer a nice reprieve from the hustle and bustle of Panama City. 

You can see the route instructions for the Northwest Florida Loop here

Gulf Coast Cruise

If you’d rather experience the Panhandle in one day instead of two, you can opt for the Gulf Coast Cruise. This there-and-back trip follows the Emerald Coast, passing through Panama City and a few other coastal towns. It spans 165 miles one way and provides stellar ocean views. 

You can begin this route in Tallahassee or Panama City. If you begin in Tallahassee, we recommend remaining aware of rush-hour traffic and trying to start outside of these busy times. 

From Tallahassee, you will travel south on Route 319, then take Route 267 east through Newport. Next, you’ll take Route 98 and 319 before you can get on to 98 and begin traveling along the coast. 

This route passes through the following cities:

  • Carrabelle
  • Eastpoint
  • Apalachicola
  • Port St. Joe
  • Panama City

You’ll pass over several bridges and natural areas along this route. For example, you can stop by the following:

  • Maclay State Gardens
  • Edward Ball Wakulla Springs State Park
  • St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge
  • Leon Sinks Geological Area

Scenic Highway 30A

Highway 30A is a designated Florida Scenic Highway that follows the Gulf Coast just northwest of Panama City. We recommend taking this drive as a peaceful escape from the busyness of the city and a glimpse into some of the most beautiful ocean views on the Gulf Coast. 

This scenic stretch of highway spans 24 miles, making for an easy there-and-back trip from Panama City. Along the way, you’ll see gorgeous white-sand beaches and rare coastal dune lakes. You’ll also witness diverse architecture ranging from Old Florida traditional homes to New Urban modern retreats. 

You can also easily take a detour from the highway to walk along the soft, sandy beaches and dip your toes in the ocean. Just be sure to watch out for pedestrians on this ride, as it’s also popular on foot and by bicycle. 

You can learn more about this scenic route on the Friends of the Scenic 30A website

Now that you know the best Panama City motorcycle rides, you can map out your itinerary for your panhandle motorcycle tour. 

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