Restaurants and Motorcycle Roads in Alabama

The thrill of the open road is made up of many elements – You and your motorcycle working to traverse the ground below you, the scenic landscape all around you, and the experiences that will stay with you forever. Alabama is a memory-making state to be sure, and it is home to some of the best motorcycle roads and good eats that will help you create unforgettable adventures.

Find out the best places to ride or dine in the Heart of Dixie – we promise you won’t be disappointed.

Our 5 Best Motorcycle Roads and Restaurants in AL

  1. Snake Way and Rattlesnake Saloon: We start our journey with a classic ride – the Jackson county roads from the 42 to the 39 aptly nicknamed Snake Way. Known for its 5 hairpin turns and overall technical challenge, it combines elevation with road conditions for an enthralling section of road. We recommend using caution no matter what level of skill you have on a motorcycle, especially during autumn when the scenery is best. During the spring and summer months, this is a much easier ride, and no matter what season, it will leave you hungry and thirsty.

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    With that in mind, Snake Way would be incomplete without its partner in name, the Rattlesnake Saloon. In terms of must-eat places in Alabama, this would qualify for serious riders. While it is not a Michelin star restaurant (in that the typical fare is bar and diner still food), everything is made with southern flair, hearty goodness, and the beer is ice-cold. Add that the motorcycle-friendly atmosphere and local hospitality, and you have a winning combination.
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  1. Alabama-Georgia State Line to Birmingham and the Garage (plus a bonus stop!): We’re going with a full combo meal here, as we highlight one of the most scenic trips in the state, add in some amazing eats, and top it off with the Barber Motorsports Museum for dessert. There are actually numerous ways to get there, we just happened to prioritize the State Line ride as it showcases the southern ridgeline views of Alabama on the way past Mount Cheaha. From there, it’s on towards Birmingham, but not before stopping for some grub.

    On the way or following the museum, we recommend stopping at the Garage Café – you know you’re going to the right place based on its name alone. An absolute fixture in the Alabama motorcycle scene (there’s even one on the wall!), they serve sandwiches and beer, but provide their own twist on classics. Combine it with the décor and vibe that caters specifically to riders, and you’re bound to leave satisfied.
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  1. Breweries by the Byway: It’s as though this route had your needs in mind when it was created; this route takes you on a tour of the Mobile and Gulf Beaches while showing off some of the food and beer that Alabama is famous for. At nearly 120 miles, this is going to be a multiple leg excursion if you want to fit in all the eating and drinking available, so make a day trip or a weekend out of it. The beach scenery shows off the white sands beaches that Alabama boasts, and there are multiple cultural landmarks along the way.

    In terms of the real prize, we recommend making it to Serda Brewing or Bob’s Downtown restaurant at the North peak of the loop, or perhaps hitting up Big Beach Brewing further South. Like most southern comfort food, there’s no wrong order – shrimp and grits, BBQ, and pairing it with a craft beer while you reflect on the invigorating cruise alongside the beach. This is the definition of livin’ good. 
Motorcycle Roads in Alabama
  1. Little River Canyon Parkway and Big Time Café: Along route 176, the Little River Canyon Parkway has carved out its reputation as one of the finest motorcycle roads that Alabama has to offer. It is well paved with huge curves, and has scenic lookouts all along the way. As you navigate the easy but invigorating twists, you might tempted to picnic (and no one is saying you shouldn’t snack), but there is a great goal to make it to as you traverse the canyon landscape.
    That goal, of course, is the Big Time Café. A small burger joint in Fort Payne, you’re going there for the food and the ability to kick your heels up and say “hey – we get to ride back on that road again!” But before you do, make sure to enjoy some of their plus-sized burgers and crinkle fries, all while enjoying the family-run establishment. As they put on the sign, they’re not fast food, and they go well out of their way to make sure their motorcycle guests are well-fed.
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  1. Guntersville to Scottsboro and The Docks @ Goose Pond: Alabama is known for its relaxing atmosphere accentuated by its tranquil nature-laden roads. Among the finest examples of this is taking the 227 from Guntersville up to Scottsboro and enjoying the water at your side the entirety of the way. While this is a straight shot ride (sorry, not too many crazy twists and turns), there are some nice elevation changes and the road is well-maintained.

    Once you arrive in Scottsboro, treat yourself to a change of pace at The Docks. While many of our favorite restaurants to ride to in Alabama are diners or classic cafes, The Docks is a waterfront establishment a little on the upscale side, but they are welcoming to riders and it is well worth it. They can still provide you with all the delicious southern favorites – fried seafood or chicken make for an excellent order, and their full bar will complement whatever you order.

    Whichever of these motorcycle roads in Alabama you take, you’re bound to end up happy that you did. Getting on a motorcycle and exploring the land around you is one of the defining reasons we ride, and Alabama plays a great host to this spirit.
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