Ride the San Antonio Loop Around

Pleasing view of San Antonio RiverWalk

If you’re planning a motorcycle trip to San Antonio, you’ll want to add the San Antonio Loop Around to your itinerary. This 33-mile scenic route provides beautiful views of the city’s natural scenery and most expensive residential properties. The loop is paved and hilly, making for a relaxing route to enjoy from your motorcycle. Read on to learn more about the San Antonio Loop Around motorcycle ride. 

What Is the San Antonio Loop Around? 

The San Antonio Loop Around is a motorcycle route that covers 33 miles near San Antonio, TX. This route shows off the natural views around San Antonio, featuring twisty roads and scenic overlooks of the city’s sprawling hills. However, it also takes you past some of the most expensive residential properties in the area, giving you a taste of the luxury around this major city. 

This loop includes two distinct sections. During the first half of the motorcycle route, you’ll pass through several residential areas with high-end properties. These properties are relatively spread out, giving you a glimpse of the San Antonio countryside while still within the city limits. 

The road will narrow slightly in the second leg of the loop, providing a more remote, serene riding experience. You’ll pass natural attractions like hills, ponds, and fields. This section of the circle also includes curvier roads, incorporating some thrill into your riding experience. 

You can also expand this loop by taking a few side roads into the high-end neighborhoods along the route. 

The San Antonio loop is well-paved and smooth in most spots. While the lanes narrow near Smithson Valley Rd, they widen again once you reach Highway 46, providing a good mix of riding conditions. 

Directions for the San Antonio Loop Around 

Because this ride is a loop, you can start at any point on the route and make your way around the circle, returning to your starting point. Here are the written directions for the San Antonio 

Loop Around motorcycle ride:

  1. Begin at the three-way intersection of Bulverde Rd and Smithson Valley Rd near San Antonio. 
  2. Head north on Smithson Valley Rd. 
  3. Turn right onto FM 1863. 
  4. Turn left to get back onto Smithson Valley Rd. 
  5. Turn right to head east on Highway 46. 
  6. Turn right to get back onto FM 1863. 
  7. Take Smithson Valley Rd or Bulverde Rd to return to your starting point. 

Attractions to See Near the San Antonio Loop Around 

While the San Antonio Loop Around is pretty remote, you can take a few detours along the route to see some of San Antonio’s best attractions. Here are a few stops you may want to add to your San Antonio Loop Around itinerary: 

The Alamo 

The Alamo is a legendary Spanish mission and fortress compound in San Antonio. This compound was founded in 1718 and was once a way station between Mexico and East Texas. This site also served as the battlefield for the historic Battle of the Alamo.

You can take a tour of this cultural icon during your San Antonio Loop Around motorcycle ride. 

San Antonio RiverWalk 

The San Antonio RiverWalk is a park with various attractions and shops along the San Antonio River. This river walk is 15 miles long, offering plenty to do and see during your San Antonio motorcycle trip. 

Cooper’s Old Time Pit BBQ

If you’re a fan of biker bars and Texas barbecue, you’ll want to stop at Cooper’s Old Time Pit BBQ. This biker bar is located off Highway 46, making it an easy stop along the San Antonio Loop Around. 

The San Antonio Loop Around motorcycle ride offers an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon in the outskirts of San Antonio. And be sure to get your Law Tigers Rider’s Benefit card here!