Ride to the Croom Motorcycle Area at Withlacoochee State Forest

Off-road Trails at the Croom Motorcycle Area

Are you looking for an area to off-road your motorcycle in the Florida Panhandle? Check out the Croom Motorcycle Area at Withlacoochee State Forest. 

This 2,600-acre motorcycle area includes miles of off-road trails open to riders seven days a week. It features several training spots and riding areas for different skill levels, making it the perfect off-roading spot for the whole family. 

Read on to learn more about the Croom Motorcycle Area in the Florida Panhandle. 

Off-road Trails at the Croom Motorcycle Area


The Croom Motorcycle Area is filled with amenities and different types of terrain for off-road motorcyclists of all skill levels. You’ll find hammocks, which are areas higher than the surrounding land, tree-lined riding spots, a large phosphate pit, and more. 

This motorcycle area consists of many miles of trails. These areas enable you to ride your bike in the perfect off-road conditions. The trails weave in and out and return to the main area in several spots, making for a laid-back yet enjoyable off-roading experience. 

Finally, the Croom Motorcycle Area in the Florida Panhandle also includes a few areas for inexperienced off-roaders to practice riding. The beginner area spots are an excellent place to bring a teenager who is just learning to ride a motorcycle or a recently licensed rider looking to hone their off-roading motorcycle skills. 

For the more serious riders, there’s a Training Pavilion within the CMA Training Area that requires reservations. 


If you’re looking to stay a few days near the Croom Motorcycle Area or the greater Withlacoochee State Forest, you can consider camping at the Buttgenbach Mine Campground. This campground has developed campsites with 30- and 50-amp electricity hookups, picnic tables, water, and fire rings. You’ll also find showers and restrooms nearby. 

Alternatively, you can stay in one of several hotels in the area. The Quality Inn Hotel is located directly in front of the entrance to the Croom Motorcycle Area. 

Hours of Operation

The Croom Motorcycle Area is open seven days a week with no reservations necessary. The nearby gatehouse is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. 

Location and Directions

Croom Motorcycle Area is located at the following address:

Croom Motorcycle Area
Florida Forest Service
6420 La Rose Rd
Brooksville, FL 34602

You can reach this area off Interstate 75. Take exit 308 and head toward the Quality Inn Hotel. You’ll see signs for the Croom Motorcycle Area behind the hotel. 

If you’re heading to the Croom Motorcycle Area from Brooksville, take US-98 east for 11 miles. You’ll see the entrance to the park just before the I-75 overpass. 


The Croom Motorcycle Area is free to enter. However, if you plan to off-road your motorcycle in this park, you’ll need an off-highway vehicle permit. You can purchase a three-day permit, seven-day or annual pass. The prices are as follows:

  • Three-day: $10 per person
  • Seven-day: $25 per person
  • Annual: $75 per person

Riders ages 16 and under must pass an online course before using off-road trails. They must also have direct adult supervision while riding in the Croom Motorcycle Area.

While you may be tempted to use the Croom Motorcycle Area in the Florida Panhandle without an ORV permit, don’t do it. Riding without a permit can leave you with a hefty fine or expulsion from the Croom Motorcycle Area. 

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