Rocky Mountain National Park 

Colorful skyline photo of Rocky Mountains

Are you searching for your next motorcycle road trip destination? We recommend considering Rocky Mountain National Park. 

Rocky Mountain National Park is a national park located northwest of Denver. This park is one of the most popular national parks in the U.S., bringing in anywhere from 3 to 5 million visitors each year. 

Rocky Mountain National Park offers plenty of attractions to enjoy from your motorcycle. Read on to learn more about taking a Rocky Mountain National Park motorcycle trip. 

About Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park encompasses 415 square miles of beautiful mountain scenery. 

The park was established in 1915, when President Woodrow Wilson signed the Rocky Mountain National Park Act establishing its boundaries. This act also serves to protect the land within the park. 

Rocky Mountain National Park is located in north-central Colorado, encompassing a portion of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. It has five visitor centers, one in each of its geographic regions. You can expect to see a wide range of natural features in the park, including:

  • Tundra trails
  • Dense forests
  • Mountain ranges
  • Creeks and ponds
  • Meadows
  • Hiking trails
  • Waterfalls

The park has a subarctic climate, so we recommend visiting in the late spring, summer, or early autumn to experience the most comfortable temperatures. 

You must make a timed entry reservation in advance to enter the park. This reservation includes a $30 daily fee, a $35 weekly fee, or a $70 annual fee. 

Things to Do In Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park offers numerous ways to experience the natural beauty inside its premises. Here are a few things to do in Rocky Mountain National Park:

  • Go for a hike: The park has 355 miles of hiking trails on various terrains, ranging from lakeside expanses to mountain peaks. 
  • Attend a ranger-guided program: Rocky Mountain National Park offers ranger-guided interpretive programs that can help you learn more about the park’s history.
  • Go camping: If you’ve never gone motorcycle camping, Rocky Mountain National Park is the perfect place to try this activity. The park has several campgrounds in the heart of the beautiful Rocky Mountains. 

Scenic Drives Near Rocky Mountain National Park

If you’d simply like to ride your motorcycle around the park, you’ll be happy to know that there are several scenic drives within the park’s premises. Here are a few of our favorites:

Trail Ridge Road

Trail Ridge Road is the most popular scenic road in Rocky Mountain National Park. This road is one of the thirteen America’s Byways in Colorado.

Trail Ridge Road spans from Estes Park to Grand Lake, covering 48 miles total. The highway reaches an elevation of nearly 11,500 feet, and eleven miles of the road are above the treeline. 

Peak to Peak Scenic Byway

The Peak to Peak Scenic Byway is a longer drive near Rocky Mountain National Park, taking around three hours without stops. It was Colorado’s first scenic byway, and it remains a popular route for tourists to enjoy the mountain views in the area. 

Bear Lake Road

Bear Lake Road is a short road within Rocky Mountain National Park that connects Bear Lake to Beaver Meadows. This 10.5-mile route offers beautiful mountain views, scenic picnic spots, and sparkling lake views. At the end of the trip, you can take a walk along the lake’s edge and breathe in the fresh air from the dense forest surrounding it. 

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