So-Cal Motorcycle Swap Meet in Long Beach

So-Cal Motorcycle Swap Meet Event

Don’t miss the January So-Cal Motorcycle Swap Meet on January 29 at Veterans Memorial Stadium in Long Beach, CA in late January. This monthly meet-up “All-Brands” event attracts a large group of bikers from across the country. Hop on your hog and find rare and vintage parts and accessories and bikes from around the world.

So-Cal Motorcycle Swap Meet Event Details

When: Sunday, January 29, 2023, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Where: Veterans Memorial Stadium, 5000 E Lew Davis Street, Long Beach, CA 90808

Admission: $12/person, Bike Corral $10/rider or passenger, tickets sold at the gate

Hobbyists, collectors, and bikers from all walks of life show up to the So-Cal Motorcycle Swap Meet in Long Beach each month to buy, sell, trade, and show bikes, parts, and accessories of all kinds. Whether you’re a die-hard Harley fan, collect historical bikes, or want the latest in Japanese or Euro bikes, you can find it here.

Cruisers, vintage bikes, choppers, racing bikes, and more will be available at the Southern California swap meet. Don’t miss checking out the Bike Corral to see riders parking, showing, and selling their bikes. If you want to sell your bike, you can park at the Bike Corral and show your bike to other riders. If you have parts you need to sell, register to become a vendor.

Become a Vendor at the So-Cal Motorcycle Swap Meet 

Whether you’re a collector with extra parts in your garage or a shop liquidating inventory, the So-Cal Cycle Swap Meet is the place to sell. You can reserve a vendor space online or join the non-reserved vendor line early on the day of the event with cash.

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