The 7 Best Motorcycle Rides in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is known as the “Sooner State,” honoring its earliest settlers back in 1889. Their spirit of freedom and adventure lives on today in a thriving motorcycle culture that attracts tourists and locals alike. And what better way to share that same spirit than going on an Oklahoma ride yourself? To get you started, we compiled a list of the 7 best motorcycle roads for riding in Oklahoma and how to find them. 

Whether flying solo or with your crew, we hope you’ll check out one of these great roads on your next ride!

The Top 7 Motorcycle Rides in Oklahoma

With dozens of great rides throughout the state, picking just seven was a tough task. They’re listed in no particular order, each worth your while in their own right.

1.       Talimena Scenic Byway

An Oklahoman classic known across the nation, the Talimena Scenic Byway is a 60-mile ride which offers a little something for every rider, new and old. Sweeping turns, switchbacks, elevation, and picture-perfect scenery are the calling card of the Byway. Sometimes referred to as the Talimena Drive (as it starts in the small town of Talimena), this ride is right off of the US Highway 271 and is perfect for a day trip or group ride.

2.       Medicine Park

Medicine Park is a local favorite for a nice scenic cruise or a full day adventure, both with great spots for food along the way. With many great pull-offs for restaurants such as Ann’s (next to Lake Lawtonka) and Mt. Scott, this is for sure a bucket-list ride for Oklahoman motorcycle riders. Though it is only about 70 miles in total, it’s easy to see how riders with a deep appreciation for the natural beauty of the state could spend the day exploring the woods and plains surrounding it.

3.       Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge

Mt. Scott is as beautiful as it is historic, and is a sight to see while cruising the many motorcycle roads in Western Oklahoma, especially the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge which can safely call itself the official ‘Mt. Scott Ride’. This well-paved road will take you to high places while being a bit technically tricky, so ride within your comfort zone to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride. Most importantly, be ready to continue the Oklahoma tradition of checking out some museums, gift shops, and stopping for a delicious meal on your group trips or solo outings.

4.       Route 66 Rides

Known across the country as “The Mother Road,” Route 66 is as famous a motorcycle road as it gets. It stretches well over 2000 miles, and it’s a pilgrimage even for the most dedicated riders. In Oklahoma, you’ll find the longest drivable portion of Route 66, making it ideal for locals and tourists willing to test their riding mettle while seeing some serious Oklahoman history. Make sure to make it through Ribbon Road (a famously narrow portion of Route 66) between Miami and Afton, and stop for a bite to eat in whichever small town diner catches your eye.

5.       Quartz Mountain State Park

If you’re searching for some southern scenic beauty in an Oklahoma motorcycle ride, the loop around Quartz Mountain State Park is where you should be biking. Though it is a short ride around Lake Altus, there are numerous detours that can turn a 30-mile ride into a day full of unforgettable sight seeing. Quartz Mountain itself provides its own natural shimmer from the deposits of its namesake mineral while its water reflects as a shining beacon Oklahoman beauty. This is definitely a ride you should pack your lunch for and bring fellow riders from your Oklahoma motorcycle club. And most importantly, enjoy the good life and freedom of the open road.

6.       Outlaw Trail

Outlaw Trail is a multi-purpose trail that attracts bikers, horseback riders, and nature enthusiasts from all around Oklahoma. Located in Wilburton, Outlaw Trail is a more than 50-mile ride best suited for a day trip as you head east of Ash Creek. It might seem short, but don’t underestimate how much technical riding you can get in on these twisty trails. This is a great ride to pair with an in-town cruise or to make an afternoon of, so don’t miss out on the pristine Oklahoma natural landscape that awaits you.

7.       Seaba Station

This iconic museum, gas station, and butcher shop in Warwick, Oklahoma, is a great meeting place for many great motorcycle roads ready for riders. Located off of E Hwy 66, the ride itself has numerous starting points and purposes depending on your goals. If you time your day cruise just right, you’ll get to enjoy some great motorcycle events including their bike swap meets.

These are only some of the best Oklahoma motorcycle routes, and the stunning scenery provides opportunities for any rider to hit the open road and enjoy every second of it. 

Make sure to let us know if there’s a ride you’d like highlighted next time!

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