The Chesapeake Bay Area Reservoir Ride

Classy motorcycle parked near the beach

If you’re planning a trip to the Chesapeake Bay area, you’ll be happy to know that this region is filled with excellent roads for motorcycling. The Chesapeake Bay is the largest estuary in the country, providing countless scenic views of the Atlantic Ocean, coastal shoreline, fascinating wildlife, and historical landmarks. 

The Chesapeake Bay Area Reservoir Ride is one of our favorite motorcycle rides in this region. Read on to learn more about this fun Chesapeake Bay Reservoir motorcycle ride. 

What Is the Chesapeake Bay Area Reservoir Ride? 

The Chesapeake Bay Area Reservoir Ride is a 43-mile motorcycle ride that begins in Williamsburg, Virginia. This route features several twisty roads that make for an enjoyable motorcycle ride. It also takes you past beautiful scenery, such as the:

  • York River State Park
  • Richardson Millpond
  • Goddins Pond
  • Diascund Creek Reservoir 

This motorcycle route also takes you fairly close to Colonial Williamsburg. You can continue the ride a little farther and be in the heart of the world’s largest living history museum. 

The route stays primarily on state routes and country roads, allowing you to enjoy a quiet, peaceful ride amidst the beautiful views. You’ll also find plenty of places to eat along the way, especially at the end of the route near Burke’s Corner. 

While the road is scenic and peaceful, it also offers a bit of a challenge, especially for beginner riders. Some roads along the route are gravelly and rough, and others are pretty narrow. As a result, we recommend this Chesapeake Bay Reservoir motorcycle ride for intermediate and advanced riders only. 

How to Navigate the Chesapeake Bay Area Reservoir Ride

  1. Begin north of Williamsburg on I-64
  2. Take exit 234B onto Rochambeau Dr (30). 
  3. Continue on 30 for several miles until it splits into US 60
  4. Take US 60 until you see the exit for Diascund Reservoir Rd or SR 603. 
  5. Continue on SR 603 as it follows the coast of the bay. 
  6. SR 603 turns into SR 627. 
  7. SR 627 ends. Turn right on SR 632. 
  8. Turn left onto SR 33. 
  9. Turn right onto SR 30. 
  10. Turn left onto SR 273. 
  11. Turn right onto SR 600. 
  12. Take the exit onto SR 608. 
  13. Take the exit onto SR 606. 
  14. Turn right onto SR 646.
  15. End the route before you reach Burkes Corner. 

Preparing For Your Chesapeake Bay Area Reservoir Ride

The Chesapeake Bay Are Reservoir Ride spans 43 miles, making it a suitable there-and-back trip to complete in a day. However, you’ll want to do some prep work before setting off on this ride. Here’s how you can prepare for a long-distance motorcycle ride:

  1. Check your tires: Make sure your tires have suitable air pressure and are not leaking before you start your trip. This route includes primarily rural roads, and you may not have a good place to stop if your tire goes flat. 
  2. Pack your toolkit: We recommend packing an emergency tool kit in your storage compartment in case you encounter any problems with your bike on the road. 
  3. Bring extra food and water: While you can find several eateries on this route, they’re concentrated toward the end of the route near Colonial Williamsburg. It’s always a good idea to pack food and water in case you become stranded and aren’t near any restaurants or convenience stores. 
  4. Wear your helmet: Virginia has strict helmet laws that require riders to wear protective helmets and face shields, safety glasses, or bike shields. Make sure you bring this gear along to stay compliant and avoid a ticket. 

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