We’re All-In on These Las Vegas Motorcycle Rides

Las Vegas skyline

Get away from the strip and explore the beauty of the deserts around Las Vegas. Sights like the Hoover Dam, state parks, ghost towns, and more await you on these spectacular Las Vegas motorcycle rides.

Our legal team at The Law Tigers, America’s motorcycle lawyers, loves riding in Nevada, with all its many sights to see. We’ve compiled a shortlist of some of our favorite rides for when you’re in the Las Vegas area. Be safe, and call us if you need us!

Red Rock Loop and Mount Charleston

Head west out of town on SR 160 and enjoy the scenery on SR 159, which features several stops along the way for nature trails or a visit to the Pahrump Winery. Continue up to Red Rock Loop, where you can visit the Red Rock Canyon or Bonnie Springs Ranch, where they host Wild West shows.

Head up the CC 205 beltway to Mt. Charleston and enjoy a stop at Mt. Charleston Lodge. Mt. Charleston is often 10-20 degrees cooler than Las Vegas, so be sure to plan a visit there if you need a break from the heat.

The Hoover Dam and Tillman Bridge

Take U.S. 93 over the Hoover Dam and Tillman Bridge for beautiful views of the Colorado River. Park your bike at each location and take the tour of the dam for history and engineering information, then walk the bridge for pictures of the dam and river below.

Lake Mead Loop

Take SR 147 to SR 167 and enjoy a twisty route through the desert just north of Lake Mead. Due to hills and geography, you won’t see much of the lake, but watch out for animals crossing the road, other bikers, and park rangers. Local riders love the curves on this road, but park rangers will ticket speeders to keep riders safe from high-speed accidents.

Valley of Fire State Park

Head north of Las Vegas to visit Valley of Fire State Park off of Interstate 15. The park spans over 46,000 acres and is Nevada’s oldest State Park, dedicated in 1935.

The valley has featured in several movies and shows, often representing a Martian landscape with its red rocks and alien-looking geography. Only about 50 miles outside of Las Vegas, it’s easy to plan a day trip to visit the park and check out attractions like the petroglyphs left over from ancient Native American populations, Elephant Rock, Atlatl Rock, and the air-conditioned visitors center.

Safety Tips for Riding in the Desert

Las Vegas and the surrounding areas often reach over 100 degrees, and rest stops or supply stations can sometimes be few and far between. Be sure to bring plenty of water and wear appropriate safety gear. Additionally, some attractions may not have the best pavement. Be especially careful of dirt and gravel causing your tires to slide out from under you.

Besides keeping hydrated, you and your bike will also need appropriate fuel. Bring snacks for yourself and fill up your tank for your bike before beginning any longer rides into the desert. We hope you’ll take your bike out for a spin on these Las Vegas motorcycle rides the next time you’re in the area. Be sure to always stay aware of your surroundings and drive safely.

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