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What is a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

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A motorcycle accident lawyer is a personal injury attorney who can guide and represent you throughout the claims process. This professional knows the ins and outs of motorcycle claims laws in your state and can provide the knowledgeable guidance you need to navigate your case. 

An attorney can also help you with other tasks involved in moving forward from your accident. Read on to learn more about the roles of an attorney for a motorcycle accident. Have you recently been in a motorcycle accident? If so, you should be aware of how a motorcycle accident attorney can assist you. 

Roles of a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

An accident attorney can take many of the responsibilities involved in your motorcycle accident off of your shoulders. When you hire an accident attorney, you can expect them to complete any of the following roles, depending on your specific case: 

Answer Your Questions

One of the main roles of an accident attorney is to give you legal guidance. If you’re like many accident victims, you probably do not have much experience navigating insurance claims or lawsuits. Having an attorney on your side can give you a reliable source to answer any questions you may have throughout your claims process. 

Senior attorneys often have decades of experience with motorcycle accident cases. Even though every case is unique, having an attorney on your side can help you feel more confident, knowledgeable, and prepared as you negotiate your settlement or seek legal action against the at-fault driver. 

Value Your Case

Another primary role of a motorcycle accident lawyer is helping you receive adequate compensation for your damages. 

If you do not have much claims experience, you may not know how much your case should be worth. Without an attorney, you may feel tempted to take the first offer from the insurance company, even if it seems low. 

However, attorneys have the tools and knowledge necessary to value your case for you, helping you understand how much money you could receive from the at-fault driver. These professionals can consider your medical bills, motorcycle damage, pain and suffering, lost wages, and any other expenses to determine your case value. 

Gather Evidence

Whether you’re looking to get the most from an insurance claim or are considering suing the at-fault driver, you’ll need a lot of evidence on your side to maximize your payout. Attorneys have extensive experience gathering substantial evidence for their cases. These professionals can prevent you from overlooking proof that may be important to your case. 

An attorney can help you gather the following evidence to support your case:

  • Witnesses who saw the accident
  • Photos of the accident scene
  • Photos of the damage to your motorcycle
  • Medical bills
  • Treatment information from medical facilities
  • Documentation of wages
  • Estimates of repair and replacement costs

Negotiate With the Insurance Company

Insurance companies are in the business of maximizing their profits. As a result, they often skimp out on the payouts they make to victims of vehicle accidents. 

However, an attorney can help you negotiate with the at-fault driver’s insurance company to increase your compensation. These professionals are highly skilled negotiators, giving them the knowledge necessary to optimize your chances of improving your payout. 

Attorneys also know what evidence and circumstances can convince insurance companies to offer you more compensation. 

Represent You in Court

If the insurance company refuses to offer you more compensation, it may be necessary to settle the case in court. Alternatively, if you decide to sue the at-fault driver, you’ll need to go through legal proceedings to do so. 

If you have no court experience, the idea of entering legal proceedings may be incredibly intimidating. Thankfully, an experienced attorney for motorcycle accidents can take the stress off your shoulders, providing you with professional representation. 

Our attorneys at Law Tigers have extensive experience representing clients in motorcycle accident cases. If you’re looking for an attorney you can trust, contact our team today at 1-800-529-8443 to request a free case evaluation. 


  • Should I get a lawyer for a motorcycle accident?

    The short answer is YES. An attorney can assist you by taking the responsibility of speaking with the insurer off your hands. Your attorney can act on your behalf while you focus on your physical and mental recovery. Learn more.

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