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Hiring a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Unfortunately, accidents happen. When it comes to motorcycle collisions, there are plenty of things working against you that’ll keep you from getting the compensation and medical care you deserve. You might think you’re protected enough by your insurance policy, but think again; Insurance companies have a habit of low-balling, especially when it comes to a motorcycle accident and injury claim. This can rob you of the money you need to repair any damage to your bike and gear, as well as getting you proper medical treatment for your recovery. 

This isn’t the time to go it alone, but to consult a trusted motorcycle accident and injury attorney. Not only is the legal process stressful and confusing, but you’re likely still recovering from your physical injuries and emotional trauma, making it too much of a burden to work through all that legal jargon and somehow preparing yourself to stand up against insurance companies – with a claim that may drag on for years or end up in court!

An experienced motorcycle attorney will have your back every step of the way, ensuring you’ll have a stronger case against all the biases and obstacles coming your way that could prevent you from getting the compensation you deserve.

When Do You Need a Motorcycle Attorney?

Build your case immediately.  Do not wait to involve your motorcycle attorney when you’ve been in an accident. In fact, we recommend making them your first call right after the police. Calling an experienced attorney immediately allows them to begin the process of collecting all the evidence you’ll need to build your case against the insurance companies. 

It would be nice if the guilty party would simply admit their fault, but that’s just not how it works. People evade responsibility in order to save money, which also includes insurance companies who will do what they can to place as much liability on you to save themselves the most money against your claim. Remember – insurance is a for-profit business. They’ll blame you to rob you of compensation, which makes them no friend to a motorcyclist facing injury or property damage.

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And if you’ve got health insurance covering you, motor insurance companies may avoid or delay paying medical bills you’re facing as a result of your accident. They’ll also take their sweet time delaying your motorcycle claim, hoping you’ll be desperate enough to accept less money for your compensation as your medical bills grow and become unbearable.

In many cases, there will be a disagreement as to who is at fault, or false claims by the other party for pre-existing damages (both physical and to property).  There may be a violation or crime committed in the process of a motorcycle wreck, or serious long-term injuries that will require extensive medical claims and the use of experts. There’s plenty of confusing and complicated circumstances you could wind up in with your accident where the advice of a personal injury attorney will determine  your best course of action. 

If you’re not working with a good motorcycle accident attorney, it can end up costing you greatly.

How to Find a Motorcycle Injury Lawyer

If you search for motorcycle accident lawyers in any major city, you’ll be flooded with so many law firms to choose from, but how do you begin to decide? Though you technically could get a free consultation and representation from any type of lawyer following a motorcycle crash, it’s best to go with an experienced law firm that focuses on motorcycle accidents and injuries with a reputation for not simply winning cases, but fighting for compensation their clients deserve. The complex state laws and thin margin for error require the best motorcycle lawyer you can find in order to get the very best results that you deserve. 

Law Tigers is a national association of local personal injury law firms and industry professionals, many of which are riders themselves who support the motorcycle community, and advocate for all riders and their families when impacted by an accident or injury. They’ll fight for you to make sure you get every dollar you are owed to get you and your bike back on the road.

Free Case Evaluation

You’ve been taught to always contact your insurance company immediately after an accident, so it might be a little scary deciding to call a lawyer instead. To ease your fear, here’s the process you should expect after you’ve contacted your trusted motorcycle accident and injury lawyer:

Rest and Recovery: After you have contacted a law firm to get your case started, you simply need to focus on getting well.  Assessing physical and emotional damage is often predicated on diagnoses, rehab, and time taken to recover. This is especially important in a difficult case that seems unlikely to settle to your benefit.

Valuing a Case: Your legal team will assess what a court will likely award the person suing (the plaintiff) versus what the defendant will be able and willing to pay. This helps your attorney decide whether to pursue the case, settle, or take a different course of action.

-Insurance Determinants: In the event your case is against your insurance company, you will need to work with your legal team to gather proper evidence that will hold up in court. Often, a personal injury lawyer will hire third-party experts, such as accident reconstructionists, life-care planners, medical specialists, and biomechanical engineers,  to get leverage against dishonest insurance appraisals.

-Preparing You and Your Case: Part of working with a motorcycle legal specialist is getting comprehensive advice relative to each part of your lawsuit. The last thing you want to have happened is giving incorrect information due to unfamiliarity with the law or how to act in a trial. Doing so can negatively impact the outcome and cost you dearly.

Going to Trial: If there is not a settlement before your trial, you will need to appear in court to present your case to a bench judge or a judge and jury, depending on your circumstance. After the presentation and defense of the case, a judge will render a verdict.

For a better chance at winning your motorcycle accident case, you should familiarize yourself with the top motorcycle injury lawyers in your city and create a relationship with a firm you like before you need it. This gives you peace of mind before, during, and after what could otherwise be an overwhelming legal and recovery process. 

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How do personal injury lawyers get paid?

Another great thing about hiring a motorcycle accident and injury lawyer is that they only get paid if you do. Personal injury lawyers generally won’t get fees if there is no settlement, creating a mutual interest between the client and the law firm.

You should always discuss fees and how they are paid before letting any personal injury lawyer take your case. These fees and percentages may vary from law firm to law firm and the percentage of the fee they receive for their services may also vary if the case is settled before versus after filing a lawsuit. You should also ask how settlements are disbursed, and whether a verdict will trigger any charges prior to receiving your settlement. In many cases, the check is sent to your lawyer, who then deducts fees before finally sending the rest of the money to you. 

When dealing with five or six-figure sums, you need a trusted lawyer who won’t take advantage of you at any time during the legal process. Be wary of any law firm being too vague about how they calculate what they’ll charge you in the end. 

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Teaming up With Law Tigers

At Law Tigers, our member firms have spent decades representing motorcycle injury clients with an excellent track record of success. We have locally based member firms all over the country ready to help you no matter where you are.  

When it comes down to it, we’re riders, looking out for our brothers and sisters on the road. Furthermore, many of our experienced member lawyers across the country are riders themselves, some of whom may be on your legal team! 

If you are in need of a motorcycle injury lawyer, reach out today for a free consultation – our member firms are ready to make a difference.  

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