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Motorcycle Training and Popular Courses

Solid motorcycle training should be the basis of every rider’s foundation, no matter what style of bike you ride, how experienced you are, or where you’re riding. This is even more important for beginning riders, as good fundamentals will allow you to stay safe and enjoy the ride for years to come.

Training doesn’t just mean practicing on a bike in low-risk settings (although that’s important too). Many riding fundamentals are best learned online or in a classroom first, especially laws and rules of the road that just might save your life down the line.

Ultimately, training is going to be an integral part of your riding journey, so getting the best form of it is clutch. Read on to see where you can find all different forms of skill-building and safety classes.

 Motorcycle Training Classes

With an activity as diverse as motorcycle riding, there is certainly not going to be one-size-fits all classes. The most common training classes will be beginner courses targeted towards riders who are looking to get their permit or license, or have just gotten it. These are most accessible via state organizations such as the state DMV’s. There are also great supplemental courses to go beyond just the state-mandated ones and hone your skills further.

However, as you get licensed and look to expand your skill set into different bike styles and riding techniques, there are classes available for almost all of them. Consider these popular courses:

  • Basic Riding Courses: Still valuable even after permit and licensing, you can learn about bike familiarization, start/stop, friction zone, shifting, and any other elementary tenets of riding.
  • Motorcycle-specific classes: Brands like Yamaha, BMW, Ducati, and others have model specific courses to get you fully familiarized with a product.
  • Online Safety Refreshers: You are going to have to renew your license every now and then, and the laws of your state likely will change from time to time. We recommend taking one of these every few years to stay up to date.
  • Intermediate, Advanced and Track Techniques: Once you have progressed to a level of comfort on the road, there is usually only so much you can teach yourself. From there, we recommend seeking advanced technique training on certain engine sizes, bike types, and track settings.

These classes are just a few of the ones available, so if you’re looking for other particular skill sets, do a quick online search or ask your fellow riders what they recommend. 

Motorcycle Safety Foundation

 Safety should always be at the foundation of motorcycle riding. Yes, we’re all looking to ride for the thrill of the open road, or scenic rides, or for stress relief, or any other number of awesome reasons to ride. However, this should always come with the understanding that the best ride is the one that ends with you back at home safe. 

We recommend looking into the courses that are certified by the MSF in order to see how you can progress based on your current skill level. Especially when used together with your own riding experience and other local resources, these are a great way to continue learning and stay safe. Sometimes a refresher is just what you need to remember proper hand signalling, what to do in bad weather, or how to ride safely in groups.

Online Motorcycle Safety Courses

In addition to the great resources from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, there are also online courses specific to your area and skill level. Here are some of the best broad and local options:

For very specific bike builds or technique issues, YouTube is also a great resource to consult.

Free Motorcycle Classes

Many local organizations also host free training courses to help you continue to ride safely. Talk to other riders in your community or join local Facebook groups to find events and opportunities in your area.

 And don’t forget to check forums, websites, and social media accounts dedicated to being resources for riders across the country. 

Classes for Experienced Riders

While the tools and learning materials for beginning riders are easy to find, there’s also several great courses that focus on the specifics for experienced riders. If you feel challenged by a certain style of bike, track, or discipline, there are plenty of resources available.

MSF remains our go-to for a wide range of classes, but there are even more specific curriculums such as Total Control Training. These classes are ideal for learning things such as trail braking, throttle/brake overlapping, or cornering techniques. 

Riding is a lifelong learning experience, and even if you have spent years on a bike, it never hurts to brush up on skills or learn a new one.

Motorcycle Course Details

While free courses are awesome, the reality is that the best motorcycle training and resources will likely cost some money. Riding is meant to be an accessible activity for everyone, so we’ve outlined what we think is a reasonable expectation of the course content and associated cost for beginning, intermediate, and advanced riding courses.

Beginner- These beginner riding courses should be teaching you the rules of the road, your state laws, gear safety, and getting you onto a bike and ready for licensing. 

Intermediate: As you begin to learn what type of bike and riding you enjoy best, you may either want to branch out or hone those skills even more. This would include off-road riding, technical riding, sportbike riding, and early track riding. Expert/Pro: Eventually, as you commit to riding as a lifestyle, the bikes, gear, and education can get expensive. This is just the nature of most motor-vehicle based hobbies. These classes can include camps, track days, and courses that build for months over time. Luckily, you should also be proficient at teaching yourself new things, and should hopefully be in some great riding clubs by now.

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With Law Tigers, You Never Ride Alone

At Law Tigers, riding is in our blood. We have built our business based on a love and commitment to the motorcycle community. We believe that the best way to keep riders safe is to help them understand and practice safety techniques regularly. Unfortunately , we also know that things aren’t always perfect on the road. Law Tigers has your back in any situation. If you are looking to get a free consultation or learn more about motorcycle training classes near you, please reach out- we’re ready to help no matter what.

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